My name is Meg. I am 21 years old, born and raised in Louisiana. You will often see me mention my “college student budget” in posts, it’s the real deal.

I am an English major, a lover of writing and reading. Some of my favorite reads are Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, A Tale of Two Cities, and Les Miserables. I am also quite a History buff, who loves to drink coffee and collect mugs, to play video games and laugh.

I have quite a passion for fashion, something I never would have expected of me. I felt like I was always more of a sporty kind of girl, but SURPRISE, somehow I became very interested in fashion, more so than ever. But like I said, college budget. It can be a bummer, but I try my best to make do. Thanks to Pinterest and all the fashion bloggers on Instagram that inspire me daily. My style varies; I wear black A LOT, probably more than I should, especially for blogging purposes. It’s almost like I have two sides, the girly, fashionable side, and then the sporty, fit side.

One thing a lot of people may know about me is that I love fitness. I love to lift weights, run, and practice Judo. Most days you will find me in workout or running clothes, sometimes I may even make a blog post of it, when my love for fashion and fitness collide. When it comes to fitness, MY goal is to be leaner–less fat, more muscle–and strong. It is also my mission to motivate and inspire others to lead a fit lifestyle. While I personally enjoy weight training, I know a lot of girls are not interested in that form of exercise. Hopefully I can at least spread the understanding that lifting weights won’t make you look manly…

I long to travel, and what traveling I have done, I loved. My goal is to see as much of the world as possible. The list of places I long to visit is quite extensive, I may share it one of these days. As of right now, I have been to several places in the U.S.; New York City, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, to name a few. Recently, I took my first trip out the country to London and Paris for New Years. It was the trip of a life time and hopefully I have trips that top that. Upcoming destination this summer: Japan!!

I couldn’t decide whether to start a blog on fashion or a blog on fitness–I don’t travel enough yet for a travel blog, but I’m getting there (college budget, remember?). This lead me to decide to start a blog encompassing all things that make me who I am. A lifestyle blog, to put it short.

Thanks for reading and learning about me!

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