Food & Drink

Cereal Killer Latte from Rêve Cafe: Rêve has quickly become my favorite cafe in the city and I keep going back to try their seasonal drinks, like this Cereal Killer latte! This particular drink is an espresso and iced coffee mixture, sweetened with honey, hazelnut syrup (that’s made in cafe), mixed with oat milk and whole milk, shaken with ice and topped with Honey Nut Cheerios & powdered sugar. It was both pretty and delicious.

Tokyo Treat Sakura KitKats, Fried Chicken Pringles and Sakura Ramune: Naturally, I have to include my top favorite items from the months Tokyo Treat box. My absolute favorite was the KitKats, but the Fried Chicken Pringles were so unique and you can’t go wrong with Ramune drinks.

Peet’s Anniversary Blend: My good friend brought me some limited edition Peet’s ground coffee from her trip back home to California. You can’t go wrong with coffee souvenirs, in my opinion! She knows my love for dark roast!

Dian Xin: A Dim Sum restaurant in New Orleans that I finally had the pleasure of crossing off my list. I LOVE Dim Sum, any Asian food to be honest, and getting to finally try this place was a great way to start my birthday. My favorite was of course the Xiao Long Bao!

Bearcat Cafe: Another spot on the list! I wanted to visit here solely for the coffee and teas, but once I sat down and viewed the whole menu, I knew immediately we would have to return one day for all of their delicious brunch items, not just the drinks! My favorite item that I highly recommend is the Butterfly Pea Matcha Latte, the sweetest matcha latte I’d ever had – and not too sweet either, the perfect amount.

Butterfly Pea Matcha Latte (left)

AquaS: I have had this place in Houston a while back, but finally got around to visiting its location in New Orleans. They have pretty unique soft serve ice cream flavors and the best treats to add on to your ice cream to naturally make it Instagram perfect 🤣 Austin got the Coke x Vanilla flavor mixture, while I got the Sea Salt x Pineapple Cheesecake flavor. Honestly, I much more preferred Austin’s flavor combo!

August Restaurant: This was the restaurant we went to for my birthday dinner in New Orleans. I totally wished we would have dressed fancier but honestly they made us feel right at home and gave us THE BEST customer service ever. I couldn’t get over how beautiful the inside was, and the food was just as amazing. My favorite was without a doubt the truffle gnocchi 😍

SoLou: I went here for my birthday dinner with my friend. It’s a new restaurant in Baton Rouge and we both loved it! Their Truffle fries were wonderful, as well as their fish tacos and Julep Freeze frozen cocktail.


Desert Sage Yeezys: Birthday present from Austin! Haven’t had the chance to wear them yet but it’s only been a little over a week.


Overall, it was a great birthday month. Austin’s parents also returned home from Minnesota and my newest niece was born three days after my birthday! I can’t wait to see what May has in store, but for sure it definitely has lots of birthdays! I also got a new job so there is that to look forward too as well.

Until next time!

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