Another month has come to an end, but hello April, hello birthday month! I wanted to do something a tad bit different by just dropping these photos of my favorite things from the month, including two of my favorite outfits from this past month, something I don’t typically share. I also included a favorite snap from the gym because I feel like I’m seeing some major gains and that’s certainly something to celebrate in my eyes!

My co-worker recently visited Hawaii and brought this back for me! It’s a Hawaii exclusive 🌺🍍
I managed to find a 50th Anniversary studded tumbler at Target, where I couldn’t use my discount 🙄, but I only found the grande size
Strawberry Bingsu from Sweet Society – the perfect treat for the warmer weather
Favorites from the March Tokyo Treat box, peach-flavored Caramel Corn puffs and Peach Parfait KitKats!
Since I can’t experience sakura season, I couldn’t resist this Japanese magnolia tree
One of two favorite outfits of the month.
Bodysuit, Target
Jeans, FitJeans
Shoes, Air Force One’s
cereal latte from a local coffee shop, Light House Coffee
The hamstring gains!
Second favorite outfit from the month.
Bodysuit, Target
Joggers, Joylab from Target
Shoes, Jordan One Mids in Phantom White/Black
This udon from our date night to Sushi Yama literally transported me right back to Japan. Udon should not be slept on!
Scallop nigiri with fois gras on top 😋🤤

Here’s to an awesome April!

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