As always, the end of each month calls for my list of favorites / highlights of the month. Here’s what December delivered!

Food + Drinks

Tokyo Treat Sparkling Wine Kit Kat’s

Boru Ramen – officially the best ramen in town

Nerds Rope Bites – I love Nerds Rope candy, but the bite size pieces are unarguably BEST

Alani Nu Breezeberry Energy Drink – I have officially tried all the flavors of Alani Nu energy drinks and Breezeberry is by far my favorite! I have been buying mine from Target


Mixtiles framed photos – time to make my walls less bare! I had 6 of my favorite photos of Austin and me printed and framed so I could display them in the house.

Year 3 Chatbook – Every year after our anniversary, I always order a photo book of our pictures from the past year of dating. Well, I finally got around to ordering the latest one and it’s perfect. I love having tangible photos.

Coffee from my friend, Leanne


First Christmas in our First House – a momentous memory! We also received an ornament to document the occasion

Sushi night


Annual trip to the Roosevelt Hotel

Bridgerton – If you have yet to watch, I insist that you do! I’m about to dive into the books now, that’s how much I loved it

Here’s to the last Monthly Favorites of 2020! Bring on 2021 ♥️

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