Hello to another year! I have been MIA since my last blog post, spending time with Austin’s family, working and enjoying the holidays. So it’s time to get back into the blogging swing of things, starting with a recap of 2020.

It was a crazy, unprecedented year, filled with so much sadness and uncertainty, but it was also a year where we learned how to slow down, live in the moment more, and appreciate the smaller things in life. There was still some positivity to be found despite it all.

January – Lunar New Year

February – Valentine’s Day and weekend trip to Minnesota for Austin’s sisters baby shower

April – another weekend trip to Minnesota (this time by car, not plane), my Golden Birthday, receiving the “blue tint” Yeezys for my birthday, starting our Tokyo Treat subscription

May – viewing our future house for the first time

June – my sisters Friends-themed 30th birthday party

July – Louis’ 1st birthday, the FitJeans x Hanna collaboration

August – moving out of our apartment, trying Drink Beauty Cafe in New Orleans for the first time

September – another Minnesota road trip, first day of fall, closing on our house

October – our 3 year anniversary, our southwest road trip, Austin’s 25th birthday, watching Emily In Paris

November – return of the Mandalorian and The Crown, Thanksgiving

December – our first Christmas in our house (+ an ornament celebrating the occasion), our annual holiday Roosevelt Hotel visit, watching Bridgerton, time with Austin’s family

It’s truly the little things that got me through this strange year. We might not have been able to visit Paris like we intended, but we still made an unforgettable road trip that was just as worthy and helped subside any “cabin fever.” We also were certainly not expecting to purchase a house this year, so that was an unexpected treat!

My goals and intentions for 2021? Continue to live in the moment and appreciate the little things, but also manifest those dreams and desires, invest more in my passion for photography, become more fluent in Vietnamese, and perhaps manage a one-arm push-up!

Here’s to a new year and new beginnings! Make wise choices!

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