HOW are we already in December? This year had absolutely flown by. Before you know it, we’ll be covering my favorites from the year! So let’s jump into my top favorite things from this past month, November.

No Food or Drink items this month surprisingly!


Ikea Furniture for the house : It seems that my favorite place to purchase furniture is without a doubt IKEA. Truly, they make up 90% of my furniture in my house. Upon deciding we were buying a house, I began the hunt of furniture pieces I wanted to add to what I already had from my previous two apartments. A larger dining table was in store, with the addition of more chairs, as well as another bed frame since we now have the extra room for guests. I also got to live my closet dreams and buy a wardrobe for one of our extra guest rooms to transform it into my very own closet! Still not over it to be honest. There’s still a few items I would like to buy but I wanted to get the essentials first and worry about the non-essentials later, like a bigger book shelf, a new entry-way shoe-rack, and a mirror for our master bathroom that also functions as a cabinet for extra storage (I’ve always wanted one of these). It’s always exciting getting some new IKEA pieces to put together. I really love how minimal everything is, which is exactly my style.

Starbucks Christmas cups/mugs : Literally the best time of year to buy cups and/or mugs because they always release a multitude and they’re usually very cute too.

Starbucks Red Studded Tumbler : Yet another studded tumbler! They know just how popular these are and have been releasing them around the world in a variety of colors. This particular one wasn’t supposed to release until Valentine’s Day, or so they say. Luckily, I got my hands on it! Never did I ever expect myself to be an tumbler collector, but here I am.

Gymshark Lightweight Seamless Leggings : I seriously can not miss out on ANY color that they release in the Lightweight Seamless collection. As I may have mentioned before, this is my absolute favorite collection by Gymshark to date – which they finally designed matching sports bras for. I mainly wanted the obsidian green but also couldn’t pass on owning every single color they have released, so I just had to get the purple as well! I’m crazy, I know.


The Mandalorian : Two of my favorite shows started back up again this month, and this is the first one! I managed to get Austin into it, as well as the main Star Wars movies. Isn’t Baby Yoda, or The Child, just the most adorable thing ever?

The Crown : I’m huge on historical fiction, especially that of the Royal Family, or any royalty for that matter. I watched the newest season, season four, in two and a half days. Oops. This season definitely left me hating Charles and Camilla even more than I already did. Explain to me how ANYONE likes them? Truly. #TeamDiana

Prohibition Party : We were lucky enough this month to be invited to a Prohibition-themed party in order to take pictures. I had never been to a party themed as such but I absolutely LOVED it. Everyone that attended did SO WELL dressing up.

Thanksgiving : Of course Thanksgiving made the list even though it really didn’t feel like Thanksgiving at all. I haven’t watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in years, and from what I heard, they didn’t have it all this year, understandably, so instead played highlights from the parade in past years. 100% on my list to visit and witness the parade one day. Growing up, I always dreamed of being a reporter for the parade.

Mug of the Month

Photo of the Month

Thanks for “tuning” in to my November Favorites! I can’t wait to see what this last month of 2020 will have in store.

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