It has been a long time coming and even though it’s technically still fall until December 22, I figured it’s better to share before all the spotlight turns to Christmas. Let’s finally dive into this Fall Bucket List, shall we?

• visit a cornmaze

• visit a haunted house

• watch scary movies

• decorate for fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving ✔️

• visit a pumpkin patch (always want to do this every year but I always miss out 😭)

• drink pumpkin-flavored beverages ✔️ (the pumpkin cream cold brew from Starbucks is my absolute favorite)

• go hiking ✔️

• cook/bake fall dishes

• go apple picking (HIGH on my list, but still haven’t done)

• carve a pumpkin

• light your fall candles ✔️

• make apple cider

• visit the fair

• make candy apples

• go for a scenic drive to witness the changing of the leaves ✔️

• go camping ✔️

• have a bonfire ✔️

• make a list of all the things your thankful for ✔️

• go stargazing ✔️

• Harry Potter marathon – or read the books

• fall-colored manicures/pedicures ✔️

• Halloween pajamas

• buy cozy sweaters

• visit the farmers market

• buy some mums (something I neglected to do!)

I marked off the ones I managed to do this year. It’s been a crazy weird year, but which did you get to do? Let me know in the comments!

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