Grand Canyon day! We spent the night just outside of the Grand Canyon in the Kaibab National Park, waking up to 28° just before sunrise.

our camping spot outside of the Grand Canyon

Coffee first naturally, then to the Grand Canyon we quickly went! We started the morning off with an easy hike on the Mather Point Rim Trail, soaking in the gorgeous views, amazing weather and crisp air. The Grand Canyon is breathtakingly beautiful and I was so happy to take part in Austin’s first time seeing it.

I truly felt as though I appreciated it more this time around. My first time to the Grand Canyon, I was 16? To me, it was just a “hole in the ground!” I can’t believe I felt that way, but boy have I changed! Nowadays, I’m so taken away by the worlds beauty that I can’t believe I could have possibly thought like that, but here we are.

After the Grand Canyon, we started making our way towards Zion National Park, the next stop on our itinerary. We had a slight detour, south of the Grand Canyon, due to road-closures for the season, so we tried to see some Aspen trees with their fall colors. We managed to see a few, but not as many as I was hoping.

This was the only night we stayed in a hotel, allowing us to shower for the first time since Sunday night, the night we left! But first, In-n-Out! This was the only location we were going to be coming close to on our route, which is in the city of St. George, so we absolutely made sure we swung by while near Zion. It had been too long since my last In-n-Out visit and I was very excited to be reunited.

We finished off the night with a much needed shower and getting to sleep in an actual bed instead of the Jeep! It was heavenly. We soaked it up, because we wouldn’t be touching a bed for the rest of the trip!

Next up, our two days spent in Zion National Park!

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