Hello, and welcome back to another monthly favorites post. Before I delve more into posts about our recent trip, I wanted to get my monthly favorites from October out and about before it’s time to do the next month of favorites! So here goes:

Food + Drink

Arctic Berry Red Bull, Winter Edition : You might not know, but I love Red Bull and have for many years. For a while, they didn’t have many options for flavors, but in the last few years they have definitely started mixing it up. This years winter edition is *chefs kiss* in my highly caffeinated opinion. Be on the look out for a baby blue can!

Feel Love Coffee : Always on the search for local cafes to try on my travels… I love Starbucks but I loveeeee me some smaller chains, mom-and-pop shops too. This particular one is right outside of the Zion National Park entrance and we loved it so much that we went two days in a row! Both days, I got OATmilk lattes that were just heavenly. It also helps that this place has a stellar view no matter which direction you look.

Dark Sky Coffee : Another “two days in a row” local coffee shop, this one is located outside of the Capitol Reef National Park area. It had a drive-thru and a walk-up option, it was that tiny! I’m missing their drinks already. And the name? 10000 points for the name!


Stori by Katy Hearn, Chapter One : If you’re in the fitness world, you may or may not know Katy Hearn; she is 100% a boss babe. She has several businesses related to the health and fitness industry and she is a mom of two. So this past month, she finally released her activewear brand that she had been working on for years; these things take TIME and she wanted it to be perfect for its first launch. I can confirm it’s perfection. Price-wise, it’s in between Gymshark and Lululemon prices. Quality-wise, freaking out of this world amazing, buttery-smooth just like the Lululemon aligns, simple, minimal design, which is something both Gymshark and Lululemon like to do lately. It’s just UGH another *chefs kiss*. And yes, I cheated on Gymshark for this brand, that’s how excited for it I was/still am. She is releasing everything in “Chapters” and the next one (which is the second one) is supposed to be at the end of this month! So far, I don’t know if I will be getting anything, because I want to see everything first even though I KNOW I’m going to love it but also Gymshark’s Black Friday sale is coming up, as well as the holidays in general… I’m so conflicted. The LAST thing I need to be doing is buying more activewear! But stay tuned…

Mattress : Ahh yes, adult things for the house. Who knew these things could be so riveting… We already had a mattress, but we also have multiple rooms at our disposal now, which means transforming at least one into a guest bedroom. The old mattress and black IKEA bed frame has been kicked to the guest room which meant we bought a new mattress (and obviously a new bed frame, also from IKEA, who should totally sponsor me since 95% of my furniture is from there but anyways…). Austin is team Tempur-pedic thanks to his old mattress from his parents house, plus we wanted something just as firm as his old one, and we got it even FIRMER! I still can’t believe I’m so excited about a mattress but here we are. We love it so far!

Emily in Paris : Has been all the rage on Netflix and I’ve seen many people discussing it on Instagram since it’s release at the beginning of the month. It came out at such an ironic time…when I myself SHOULD have been in Paris, so it was a bit bittersweet to watch. Overall, I LOVED it; it was extremely easy to watch and although it might not be realistically accurate, especially regarding its stereotypes of the French people, it was still adorable, the fashion was exquisite, and it was made by the same people as Sex and the City! I’m so ready for Season Two already…

Joanna Gaines Pour-Over from Target : I hunted this bad-boy down… I have been wanting to have a coffee-nook of some sort for ages and now that we are in the house, I’m making those dreams come to fruition. Of course, any coffee connoisseur needs to have a French Press and/or a pour-over system. When I saw this one, it was love at first sight and I knew I had to have it; it matches the aesthetic! Now all I need is a kettle for it – and an espresso machine…


First full month in the house : It’s officially been one whole month in the house, as of the 30th. I still can’t believe it but it’s true. We still have a list of things to purchase and do, but there’s no rush. My IKEA furniture is officially here, or at least most of it, so things are truly coming together now, more and more each day.

3 Year Anniversary : We made three years of dating on the 11th of October! I still can’t believe this one either, just because it seems like only yesterday we started dating but at the same time, it feels like we have been together for years… Here’s to the rest of our lives ♥️

Southwest Roadtrip : There are going to be individual, day-by-day blog posts for the trip, but it was still a favorite time from the month and deserves its spotlight in the monthly highlights. It was an unforgettable road trip, that has us itching to do more similar trips! Where to though?!

Austin’s birthday : Obviously a favorite day of mine. He’s officially my age now and we can both rent cars without getting charged outrageous prices! Woohoo! Adult life things coming through again…

Mug of the Month

Halloween Frenchie mug : I don’t include my “mug of the month” enough! It really depends on if I’ve purchased or received any and I feel like I hadn’t acquired any new ones recently until this month. This is perfect. My sister got it for me and it’s just the absolute cutest. Frenchies! In Halloween costumes! Absolutely adorable. What’s not to love.

Photo of the Month

This is another one I don’t include consistently, but this month, this photo has been my absolute favorite. I don’t always have a favorite photo of the month, but when I do…it’s a good one! This is seriously my new favorite photo of us ever. Which speaking of, I’m itching to start printing out my favorite photos of us, framing them and hanging them or setting them around the house! Ahhh! The idea excites me so much. Stay tuned!

That concludes my October Favorites! What am I looking forward to in November? So far, the election being over and Thanksgiving, and that’s about it for now. No trips for a while; time to focus on the house! One day I will finally share my Fall Bucket List, but today is not that day.

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