I have been wanting to work on my Fall Bucket List post, but after today’s Instagram caption, I wanted to delve further into “fitting into a niche.”

Blogging has been something I have been dappling in for many years now, with my ups and downs in consistency for sure, but I also “mini-blog” on Instagram more frequently, if that’s what you can call it. When I first downloaded Instagram in fall of 2011, I followed many bloggers, yes, but at the time, I simply posted what I liked and didn’t have any intentions yet of starting my own blog. I was only in high school then and I truly do feel like I have changed so much in the almost 10 years, so take that into account as well.

Fast-forward to now, and my Instagram feed is more curated, more aesthetically pleasing (I really do love an aesthetically pleasing feed), I have a slight, SLIGHT following, I have been blogging (off and on) for many years now, and I kind of still post what I want on my IG. And I want to keep it that way. I love sharing my travel photos, photos of yummy food, my love life, fitness and health related things, my style, copious amounts of coffee and of course my dog!

Basically, if I had to categorize myself as a blogger, it would be under the lifestyle category, with travel, food and fitness dominating much of the spotlight. I don’t want to pick a lane though, because I love all of these very much that kicking one to the curb to focus on just one category…it just wouldn’t be ME, it would feel as if a part of me were missing. That’s what I’m more concerned about, is being myself 1000% and posting what I want, when I want. It might be harder that way, but at the end of the day, it’s about posting what YOU love and what makes YOU happy. Screw fitting into a niche. How about being yourself, however many niches that may mean being in. If it’s building a community and a following that you want for your blog and/or Instagram, being yourself is key and I can’t stress that enough.

So while I might only have 5K followers right now on Instagram, I can say that I have reached the point of understanding that I want to post what I like and hopefully go and grow from there. It might take me longer, but now I have this clear mindset of just posting what I love and engaging with whoever that may be interested! I don’t have any super motivating stories to tell, but hopefully this will at least inspire people to just be yourself and don’t worry about fitting into just one box!

Until next time!

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