Another month, another list of my favorite things from the past month. I love these simple and basic blog posts, to be honest. It’s a short one, so let get to it!

Food and Drink

Ocean Sea Salt Kit Kat’s from Tokyo Treat box – More Kit Kat’s because Tokyo Treat keeps delivering these delicious, seasonal Kit Kat’s that you can’t get here in the State. This one is honestly my favorite flavor they have sent so far – since I’ve started my membership in April. They’re white chocolate with a hint of saltiness. It’s the perfect combo.

sorry for the IG story image

Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly from Ding Tea – While we visited Minnesota over the first weekend of September, we stopped by the brand new Ding Tea location in St. Paul. This is their first location and of course we had to try a boba place that we haven’t previously had. Bonus, it has a beautiful flower wall which is obviously perfect for the “ ‘gram”. I cringed while typing that. Anyways, I never thought about trying coffee jelly in my boba but now I can never go back, another perfect combo in this brown sugar flavor.


Minnesota Weekend Roadtrip the perfect weekend getaway and the first in some time too, so it was extra special. We spent the weekend with Austin’s family, eating good food and just enjoying our time with them. I finally got to meet Austin’s newest nephew too, who is an absolutely adorable little chunk that we miss so much! I didn’t even bother taking many pictures that weekend either, which can be soooo necessary sometimes. It was very nice to unwind.

First Day of Fall – One of my most favorite days of the year, and it actually felt cooler outside here in Louisiana for the day! That feels like a first. Cue all the fall decor and movies! Coming soon, my (running behind, just a tad) fall bucket list!

Closing Day + Moving In – Well, of course closing day and moving into our house is on the list! It wins the highlight of the month award 😆

Told you it was a short one! I feel like there will definitely be more for October, what with our anniversary coming up, our road trip and Austin’s birthday!

Just living that simple life but living our best simple life ♥️

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