Yes, you read that right. We bought a house! I honestly still can’t believe it because the process took way longer than it should have, but here we are! Today is Friday and Wednesday night was the first night that we officially stayed in the house – exactly one week after closing.

I never thought I would be a homeowner, especially in Louisiana AND with a yard too! I always said I’d never have a yard because I absolutely hate mowing grass – or at least I did over 4 years ago. Austin doesn’t mind it, so that will be his job… I’m 100% in charge of decorating the interior, that’s for sure and we still have our furniture from our apartment, so we will be utilizing those pieces while also upgrading to some bigger pieces, like a bigger dining table!

There’s still a couple things to move in, like our clothes to go in our closets and my bookshelf along with the books on it, but that’s really it! Our new mattress comes in Sunday and some things from IKEA will be coming in at the very end of the month, on Austin’s birthday of all days. Luckily we will be back from our road trip for then.

We are both so very excited to start this next chapter of our lives and to share it with you all! So I hope that you’ll follow along on this journey!

Thanks for reading and happy Friday!

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