What’s the first day of fall without a list of fall-themed and Halloween movies to watch during the season? By the way, I absolutely love making lists.

Compared to the amount of winter-themed/Christmas movies, this fall list is relatively short, but there’s plenty of good ones to give you all the fall vibes.

•Autumn in New York


•The Corpse Bride

•Dead Poet’s Society

•Edward Scissorhands

•Fever Pitch (what’s fall without a baseball movie?)

•Harry Potter series (perfect for Halloween or Christmas)

•Hocus Pocus

•Little Women (perfect for Halloween or Christmas)

•Nightmare Before Christmas (perfect for Halloween or Christmas)

•Practical Magic

•Pride and Prejudice (a personal preference, but great year-round if I’m being honest)


•When Harry Met Sally

•You’ve Got Mail (an all-time favorite, my favorite fall movie to be exact)

•Halloween series

•Saw series


There aren’t many super scary movies on the list, besides my two favorites, Halloween and Saw; I absolutely hate Chucky so that’s a NO.

These are just a few of many!! Feel free to add these to your watch list for the season! Before you know it, I’ll be making a Christmas watch list ♥️

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