Tokyo Treat, Salt Lychee KitKats – Every month, Tokyo Treat never disappoints with a seasonal KitKat I’ve never tried before. These literally tasted like lychee, with a hint of salt and white chocolate. The packing, as always, is gorgeous and eco-friendly!

Tokyo Treat, Ramune flavored Hi-Chews – If you’ve ever had Hi-Chews, then you might be familiar with how juicy they are. These were heavenly and a nice change from the usual flavors I can get locally. I would have never guessed they were Hi-Chews based off of the packing though.

Tokyo Treat, Pikachu Puré gummies – More adorable packaging – and a familiar face! Give me all the gummies, especially Pikachu-shaped!

Hansen’s Snobliz, New Orleans, LA – I finally made the trip down to New Orleans solely to try Hansen’s! Would I say it was worth the one hour drive? Oh, yes. Austin got cream of wedding cake-flavored, stuffed with ice cream, naturally. I got honey lavender and cream of nectar. Still shook that I haven’t been here before, but glad I can see I’ve been now! Snowball season is one of the best seasons, especially in the south.

CLIF Bar, Espresso-flavored – Year’s ago, there was this delicious coffee-flavored granola/breakfast bar and one day they were discontinued, much to my sadness. THESE are the closest thing I have found to it since… They offer other flavors, like I mentioned previously in my “Favorites” post, but this one might be my favorite. So simple too.

Starbucks new studded tumblers – Usually, I only collect mugs, but every now and then I’ll buy the occasional thermos, water bottle, of tumbler if they really catch my eye. Lately, Starbucks has been pumping out these studded tumblers, which I use for water and are perfect to help reduce waste! I had to get this particular one since they made it in a “grande” size for the first time. Looks like I’m starting a tumbler collection too…

Gymshark, Training Loose Fit Shorts + Sports Bras – I’m a sucker for some cute Gymshark activewear, and while this stuff might be simple, I love my basic essentials. It’s weird for me to buy shorts, since I prefer to wear leggings, even in the summer, but I’m in love with these two pairs of shorts; they’re perfect for summer, for lounging around the house, getting some sun, or for actually working out or running in! I personally have only worn them for lounging and errands so far, but I know I’d enjoy them for running – once I get myself in a habit of that again… As for the bras, I live in sports bras right now in this summer heat. A sports bra and a pair of leggings – or paired with these shorts – is a favorite outfit of mine for around the house and in the gym.

Drink Beauty Cafe, New Orleans, LA – This cafe in New Orleans has been on my list for some time and I finally managed to check it off ✔️ For one, it’s very picturesque. Two, the latte art is adorable. Three, it has the option for CBD shots in your drinks; some drinks already come with them. The drinks we tried while visiting: Iced Purple Rain, Iced Golden Girl Chai, Inner Peace Matcha, and Dazed + Confused Latte. 10/10 can’t wait to go again!

Some not pictured favorites:

I really enjoyed finally getting to try some of the lemonade Truly’s; they’re all delicious to me.

Coconut milk mixed with peach juice at Starbucks is refreshing and absolutely delicious.

I managed to find a glass item for my future bar cart, as well as two 30oz glass cold brew jugs, all from Target, that will definitely go to use for Austin’s coffee.

I finally invested in a coffee grinder and a French press, so my future “coffee corner” is getting a glow up! All I need now is an espresso machine…

That’s all for my August favorites! I hope you enjoyed ♥️

Good bye August, hello September and hello fall!

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