Current Top 5 Bucket Lists Items

We all have a bucket list, right? Maybe it’s not officially called that for everyone, but we all have goals, things we’re dying to do before we die.

Well, here’s my top five that first come to mind.

1. Travel, travel and more travel. I’ll have to do a separate blog post for more detail into my travel bucket list, but this still ranks highest on the overall list. The majority of my bucket list is travel related after all – and I have it categorized too…

2. Visit every MLB stadium. Technically this is a travel category…but nonetheless! If I haven’t mentioned, I love me some baseball, but so far, I’ve been to only four stadiums out of 30.

3. Move out of Louisiana. I’ve lived here my whole life and my whole life I have wanted to do anything but live here. It’s a ginormous goal of mine to make this happen some day, not just dream about it.

4. Be able to do a one-armed push-up and one-armed pull-up. These are two things highest on my fitness-related bucket list. I’ve always admired those that can do these things – especially women!

5. Be paid to do what I love. I love a lot of things, as you can tell. I love to travel, to eat, to workout and to take photos. The goal is to get paid to do at least one of those things I love. Not everyone can say that they truly love what they do and I want to make it a priority of mine to make sure I love my work every second of every day.

Everyone’s bucket list/goals are different. I personally take my bucket list seriously; it’s not just a childish, dream list of things I want to do but I’m not really going to. I’m 100% set to make these things happen!

What are the current top, must-do things on your bucket list?

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