Food + Drink

Tokyo Treat Box Sakura Sake KitKats – I love me some Japanese KitKats, and this subscription box literally has different KitKats each month. This months – Sakura Sake flavored. Technically this was from the long-awaited May box, but it arrived in July AND I liked these better than the KitKats in the actual July box. Sakura, or cherry blossom, tastes like cherries. At least, all the sakura flavored candy that I have tried has… And of course, you have sake, and yes, I mean like the alcohol! There is a very small amount of alcohol in these KitKats, so be warned! It’s not enough to get you drunk, but in case kids get ahold of them, you’ve been informed. Pretty great flavor of KitKats and the packaging is adorable as always too.

Tokyo Treat Box Helly Kitty Sakura Hard Candy – more adorable packaging! So adorable that I’m literally keeping it, I kid you not. These little sakura-shaped hard candies were delicious, coming in three different flavors: cherry, apple and orange. They reminded me a lot of Jolly Ranchers, although this cherry flavor wasn’t quite as strong as the cherry Jolly Rancher. The cherry and apple flavors were my favorite, apple being the strongest!

Dark Chocolate Mocha CLIF Bar – Once upon a time, there were these AMAZING coffee-flavored granola/cereal bars, but then they were discontinued. This CLIF bar has been the most similar thing since then, so I was in love! I bought it in two other flavors, Vanilla Almond Latte and Caramel Macchiato, I just haven’t tried them yet. But this Dark Chocolate Mocha was exquisite. Definitely my new favorite granola bars. Give me anything coffee-flavored!

Sno House Snowballs – A new snowball place in town! While I really liked this particular flavor, half Nectar Cream and half Orchid Cream, I do prefer my usual snowball stand because they make the ice much less chunky and put wayyyy more juice! Got to have that super smooth ice for the perfect snowball. Northerners won’t understand until they visit the south; nothing compares to a southern snowball.


Gymshark Venture Joggers + Venture Bralettes – Oops new Gymshark items. Trying so hard to be good and not buy a lot of Gymshark, but they’re so tempting with all of their amazing new pieces, like these joggers! I’m a sucker for joggers and honestly SO READY for colder weather just so I can wear all my joggers again. Fall/winter fashion > summer fashion. These joggers, in particular, aren’t so bad for warmer months though, due to the thinner material – and the fact that I was mainly wearing them with just a sports bra as my top, which definitely helped keep me cooler. They adjust as the waist AND the ankles, which is perfect for my short-self and the fact that I probably could have fit in an XS. As for the bralettes, I’m on a sports bra kick right now, especially since it’s super hot so all I wear are leggings and a sports bra! Gymshark has been releasing some very cute bras lately that just can’t seem to stay in-stock, so I had to snag these up before they were no more, until who knows when they’d be restocked, if ever! Simplicity is my vibe and these bralettes are just that.

FitJeans x Hanna Oeberg – A much anticipated collaboration of my favorite fitness influencer with a jeans brand that I discovered because of her! This collab was in the works for some time and finally released at the beginning of the month. I obviously had to snag some favorites to support my gal, plus everything was adorable, so why not? The fit of the jeans was boyfriend style, which isn’t a style I’m used to wearing, but I LOVE them nonetheless. She didn’t just release jeans; she released joggers, tops, skirts, cropped denim jackets. I opted for the spaghetti strap black cropped top out of the non-denim options. Now I’m just waiting for her to do a collection with Gymshark….


Louis’ 1st Birthday + Birthday Party with his siblings – Louis’ birthday was July 1st! He’s officially one now; we got him on Labor Day of last year. The second weekend in July, we traveled to the breeders house for a birthday party for him and his four sisters. It was also his moms birthday on the 1st as well. Nothing better than a dog party.

Hamilton – I felt like it was very fitting to watch Hamilton on the Fourth of July, so that’s what I did! I had heard a couple of the songs, but I REALLY fell in love with thanks to being able to watch it on Disney+. This should so become a thing for Broadway musicals. Favorite song? I can’t possibly pick just one!

That’s all for July, folks. Exciting things coming for August!

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