It’s definitely felt strange to try to make a “Favorites” post each month for the last few months. This year has truly been the weirdest and who knows how the rest of the year will turn out. I really need to get back to some normalcy in my blogging, so here we are!

Food + Drink

Tokyo Treat Box Sakura Oreos – I started subscribing to Tokyo Treat in April, so this is my second box officially since the May box still hasn’t arrived… BUT I have always dreamed of visiting Japan during sakura season not only for the gorgeous cherry blossoms in bloom, but also for the limited edition sakura flavored snacks. Without writing a book, Japan is the literal Queen of snacks, taking them to the next level and every flavor imaginable. These Sakura Oreos were amazing in flavor (I also absolutely LOVE the matcha Oreos) and I loved how they were “thin”.

Tokyo Treat Box Premium Grape Fanta – Although I’m not the biggest fan of Fanta, trying this drink was awesome. It truly tasted like real grapes. We even compared it next to a regular grape Fanta, which tasted soooo artificial. I love how this particular Japanese snack box subscription sends drink; the snack box I had before from Japan did not.


Gymshark 24 Hour Sale Laser Cut Leggings in blush and Studio Leggings in black – Can’t resist a Gymshark sale because they don’t happen often. Your girl here limited herself to only 50% off items and these are the two leggings I got. The blush Laser cut are like butter, literally, but a little too light-colored for my liking. The black Studio leggings fit my shortness perfectly, which is a huge win for me👌🏽 They’re also a faded black color which is very different from my other solid black leggings.


My sisters Friends-themed 30th birthday party

June was slow. I worked and then spent time at home mostly. We have yet to go out to any restaurants that have reopened and haven’t been doing much besides visiting family and grabbing groceries. But, this month was definitely more eventful than March, April and May.

I’ve surprisingly been getting more into TikTok, something that I was not expecting since I was so annoyed by it initially. Quarantine did it to me and now I have been using it to share videos from my previous travels, cute clips of Louis, and some fitness and food related shots from time to time. It’s been addicting honestly.

Here’s to hoping July is even better and that we don’t end up backtracking into lockdown again with all these cases skyrocketing 🙃

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