Canceling Paris

In case you do not recall, or maybe I haven’t mentioned it before, we (me and my boyfriend, Austin) each pull a destination out of a “jar” on New Year’s Day; and by jar, I mean a Goldfish container… Usually, we try to go to both places we pull, but this year, we both pulled Paris and that was going to be our only trip this year since it’s international and more expensive than traveling to two places in the US. Although Austin wants to knock out more of the US first before going international, I thought it was fate that we BOTH pulled Paris.

But with COVID-19 ramping up the first half of the year, we became a bit skeptical of our plan to still travel to Paris in October. There was a glimmer of hope when in March and April, but as the months flew by, leading to now, we became a bit more under the impression that it most likely wouldn’t be happening this year.

The only things we had booked were two stays; one hotel for the first three nights and an Air BnB for the remainder of the trip. Luckily, they were easy to cancel without losing money. We had been keeping an eye on flights, but luckily hadn’t pulled the trigger before canceling.

When do we plan on rescheduling the trip for? At this current moment, it’s hard to say precisely. My first thought was to reschedule it for October of next year, but I think we’re just going to wait until we officially have Austin’s passport. Apparently passport waiting times are a lot longer right now, 2 years for example. This is just word of mouth, but after looking up on the website, expect significant delays. Either way, nothing international is getting booked until we have Austin’s passport in hand. And who says that things will be any different next October?

Because I LOVE the element of surprise, I won’t say our replacement plans, which aren’t set in stone just yet either, but I guess this is a sign to explore more of the US…! Safely, of course 🙂 Regardless, we have something exciting planned in the remaining half of 2020, so stay tuned for that!

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