I was going to make a list of things to do while we are all trying to “stay at home”, but now that things are starting to be slowly lifted, what’s the point – unless we all come out of our homes, without learning from anything and just have to go right back in. Who knows. Anyways, a list will be coming no more.

Instead, let’s discuss celebrating my Golden Birthday during this time.

Naturally, it wasn’t the birthday celebration that I had planned. I wanted to drive down to New Orleans, go to this cafe, Drink Beauty Cafe, that I’ve been dying to check out, visit the Ashley Longshore Gallery, have lunch or dinner at Jack Rose, with drinks afterwards at the Carousel Bar… Sigh. Plans ruined, but that’s okay, we can celebrate later when things are better.

And honestly, despite the plans that I had in mind being canceled, we still made the most out of the day. That’s really all you can do with the way things are.

Austin started the day by picking up my cake from our favorite local bakery, Les Amis Bake Shoppe (their macarons are my absolute favorite), and also picking up lunch from La Madeleines, a favorite French bistro of ours. We had a semi-spontaneous plan for the rest of the day – drive to the beach to have a picnic. We live in the Baton Rouge area, so we had to drive two hours to Biloxi where we found our spot. First, we ate our lunch, then we hit the road with enough time to make sure we got there before sunset. Once in the area, we ordered pizza from Dominos to take with us, then found the perfect spot for us to sit down with our pizza and bottle of champagne.

We toasted each other, sipped champagne and ate our pizza while the sun went down. It was a little overcast towards the end, but it was still a magical way to spend the day. Although it wasn’t what I had in mind for the day, Austin still helped make it special.

Making the most of everyday is what we have been trying our hardest to do in these times and yesterday was certainly an example of that. It’s something that we have been trying to do already, but we especially want to make a habit of from now on.

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