A Life Update

It has truly felt very weird to think about blogging in a time like this, and I definitely wouldn’t say things have settled down by any means, but I felt the need to update. And honestly, we’re just trying to live life as normal as possible despite the fact that it may never be normal again, or at least not the normal that we knew before. Who knows. We are literally just living day by day at this point.

All is well here overall, just adjusting to being home so much. Not a problem for me because introvert. Both my boyfriend and I have been chilling safely at home since we aren’t currently working; he’s been off work for a month now and I am on day 11. He’s a bit more stir-crazy than I am at the moment, but he has also been home from work longer than I have.

Oh how we wish we could travel right now and utilize this time off from work instead of staying cooped up in the house, aimlessly searching for something to watch on tv. Instead, I have been traveling through memories of past travels, while halting in our plans for this October’s trip. It’s hard to plan for that right now when we don’t even know if we’ll be able to go because of all of this. We are prepared to cancel our stays and get refunded at least, so there’s that. Even if we are able to still go on our trip, who knows how things are going to be or if we’ll even feel safe going just yet.

I haven’t been to the gym in a month – that’s how long it’s been closed – which has rekindled my love for running. Home workouts aren’t going well so far, but at least I’m doing something by running again. I have definitely been taking this time to rest and give my body time off but I’m reaching the point of craving the gym again, craving more movement then running. Goodness knows I’m ready to be in the gym again, so I’ll be working on more home workouts from now on to give my body a taste of similarity.

I haven’t been doing anything too crazy, just relaxing, sleeping in, catching up on shows, moving my body a little bit each day. Definitely not going stir-crazy – yet.

Coming soon, a list of things to do while home for an infinite amount of time that does not include tik-toks or baking banana bread.

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