A review! Just a quick one…

If you know me and you’re reading this, or if you’re new, I love Gymshark. It’s affordable – don’t argue with me on this because have you seen Lululemons prices? Yeah, Gymshark is definitely affordable, end of story. It’s 1000000% my favorite activewear brand; I hardly wear anything else #gymsharksnob. I really do like Lululemon, despite the prices (but they are more of a treat for me) and I also like some of Targets activewear as well. BUT Gymshark is hands down my favorite.

Not only is Gymshark my favorite, but this particular collection is one of my absolute favorite styles they’ve created – the camo seamless. They first released December of 2018 in three colors: black, purple and a jade green. This past December they decided to release two MORE colors since everyone loved this new collection so much – how could you not? The two new colors are the grey and a dark red. I loveeeeeeee all of their seamless style leggings but the camo collection takes the cake. The colors are beautiful, the fit is beautiful, the subtle booty scrunch also makes the booty look beautiful. The material is cool and stretchy, but in a good way; it won’t be stretching out excessively throughout the day. The sports bra is cut in such a feminine and flattering way too!

And for someone that used to loathe camo print, I really freaking love these and their take on it. I am always reaching for them.

So if you haven’t got your hands on these bad boys, do yourself a favor. You won’t regret it.

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