It’s already time for another favorites from the month! I felt like February was chill, but not quite as chill as January; things are starting to pick up for the year. We took our first trip of 2020, for starters, even if it was just a weekend trip to visit family; still counts in my book!


Jucy Lucy burger from Matt’s Bar (in Minnesota) – If you ever make your way to Minneapolis/St. Paul area, please do yourself a favor by stopping at Matt’s Bar for one of these AMAZING burgers. I don’t know HOW they do it, but the cheese is INSIDE the patty, so that when you take a bite, it oozes out, all hot, melty and delicious. Need I say more? I tried it for the first time our last time in Minnesota, at the end of August last year, and all I could think about was returning for another one of these.

Smack Shack Lobster roll – Another great food choice in the Twin Cities area. I didn’t get a chance to try this place on my last visit, and I’m honestly upset that I waited so long. I have tried lobster rolls in Seattle and in Boston and they honestly just aren’t as good – in the foodie opinion of me and Austin. That’s pretty shocking though, considering that both Seattle and Boston are known for lobster. What I love about this lobster roll is that there isn’t too much mayo; it’s super light and definitely worth the price.


Cafe Thirty-Six (in Minnesota) – Yet another Minnesota spot… This cafe was certainly insta-worthy with it’s rose wall and it’s pretty drinks. The food and drinks were still great despite that! I had the Rose Gold Honey Latte and a berry smoothie bowl that was super yummy and refreshing.


Hoi Cho (Vietnamese New Year Festival) – It’s always a good time visiting the festival that they put on for Vietnamese New Year. It’s super loud and crowded, but you can always get amazing traditional food here.

Galentines with my best friend – We are so extra. We set up quite the Galentine’s spread before watching To All the Boy, I Still Love You on Netflix.

Valentine’s Day – Of course my hopeless romantic within loves this holiday. Austin came home from work with candy and flowers for me and we had dinner at Texas de Brazil.

Minnesota weekend trip – Because it’s always great to take a trip to see family!

Like I said, super chill, with a lots of favorites happening during our trip to Minnesota. Who knows what’s in store for March!

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