One thing I love to do is share my favorite things and experiences from the month. I always do this in my personal journal, and it was something that I had started incorporating in the last few months of my first blog, so I thought I would start doing the same here. I personally like these type of posts, because hey, celebrate the small things, not just the big things! But that’s just me.

So here’s what I enjoyed this month, the first month of 2020!


Tiet Canh – or blood pizza, a Vietnamese dish that I honestly thought I would never try, because it’s literally blood and meat in a jello consistency. I’m sure a lot of people will stop reading right here (LOL). Surprisingly enough, it was actually pretty good. It’s typically served around Lunar New Year, so I had to finally bite the bullet and try it this year. Austin absolutely hates it.

Costa Rican Pitaya bowl (from The Big Squeezy) – I can never say no to a delicious fruit bowl. This one in particular is made with pineapples and had a tartness to it that I loveddddd. I could eat one every day.

evol truffle parmesan mac and cheese – uhm, why have I never tried this before?! This is probably THE BEST microwavable mac and cheese I have ever, ever, EVER encountered. Not like I’ve tried every one out there, but I doubt anything can top this now. Truly. Get your hands on it. My mouth was legit watering while it was still heating up. If you love truffles, or just mac and cheese in general, give this a try.


Zero Degrees – We finally have a Zero Degrees in town – and I have finally tried it! It opened up this month, so I went the weekend AFTER opening weekend to avoid the masses. I was planning on ordering more than just this split-cup of matcha green tea and thai tea, but didn’t have the tummy room or hands for much else. So far, so good, but my list of things to try from here is quite long. Stay tuned.


Mug of Louis (from my bestie) – So my best friend had a belated Christmas gift to give me and THIS WAS IT. Seriously the cutest mug that I own now, thanks to my adorable furry sons face being on it. Oh, my heart.

Lunar New Year / Year of the Rat Starbucks mug – If you’re familiar with Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, then you might know that this year is the Year of the Rat, or Mouse. A little background info, in 2017, I rang in the New Year in Japan, and one thing I remember is that it was Year of the Rooster and there were Rooster / Chicken related items EVERYWHERE. I bought a Year of the Rooster mug very similar to this one from the Starbucks while in Japan, and after research, learned that only Starbucks stores in Asian countries sold mugs and other merchandise themed for the Lunar New Year – seriously Asian Starbucks are 1000000x better than here in the States and we’ll touch more on that later. So when I walked into Target earlier this month, stopping by the Starbucks inside to peep their merchandise – because Target Starbucks get exclusive merchandise that regular stores don’t…. – I was shook when I saw Year of the Rat items! Obviously, I had to snatch a mug for my ginormous collection. So I guess Starbucks in Targets will be getting LNY merch from now on?? I’m sad that this didn’t begin last year, so I could get a Year of the Pig mug – which is me and Austin’s year #1995 – but it makes sense to start launching in the States now since the Rat is the first in the Chinese Zodiac.


LSU winning the National Championship – Obviously this is a HUGE highlight for us in Louisiana. My sports loving self just couldn’t resist sharing this momentous highlight.

Lunar New Year – As previously stated with my LNY mug, it’s obviously Lunar New Year time! It’s early this year, so it fell not too long after the official New Year. I love getting to celebrate this holiday with Austin and his family because it’s awesome being a part of something different from what I celebrated growing up.

Rally Cap Brewery Yelp Event – First Yelp event of 2020. As I might not have shared, I’m an Elite for Yelp in my area, meaning I was selected with others based on our reviews and photos of restaurants and businesses in our city, perfect for my foodie / blogging self., and this is my second year as an Elite. Last night was the first event of the year, held at a local brewery. Hello free samples of beer! Something I love doing when I travel, is trying local beer (local anything in general), and that still applies to my home town! This particular brewery opened only five weeks ago as a matter of fact and it’s so close compared to our other local breweries. At the event, we also got a tour of the brewing area and were educated on the brewing process. The location is pretty tucked away off the main road, so gives it the feel of being in the middle of nowhere. It’s going to be the perfect place to catch games with hopefully less of a crowd – and we can bring Louis!

January was a pretty chill month, so honestly there’s not much else to share in the way of favorites and highlights. We’ve just been working hard and relaxing, doing what we can, when we can and just enjoying each day at a time.

Next month, Valentine’s Day and our first trip of 2020!

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