I know it’s 2020 now, but why not start off with a little recap of the past year? Doing it anyway, even if you’re tired of seeing them.

  • Started off 2019 in California, with my first workout of the year being at Zoo Culture, a gym that was on my bucket list because we’re fans of the owner.
  • Saw one of my favorite musicals, Les Miserables, in New Orleans
  • Had the best Valentine’s Day ever. My boyfriend, Austin, went above and beyond, teaming up with my best friend to deck out our room in candles and rose petals. It was like something you see in the movies and the most romantic moment ever.
  • In July, I got a new car. My previous was giving me a lot of problems and we were putting so much money into it that we decided it was time to move on. I got a Jeep; a dream car of mine and I added a lift and mud-tires to make it more to my liking. It looks like a mini Mercedes G-Wagon to me, which is definitely another dream car.

  • We finally added a member to our little family by getting a dog, a lilac fawn Frenchie named Louis, who is absolutely spoiled. His original name was Gucci, but we changed to it Louis after Louis Vuitton and of course, the French kings. Maybe even after the cognac, Louis XIII, who knows…

  • Austin and I celebrated 2 years of dating!


2018 was a great travel year for me, but I think 2019 was even better.

We started off in March with a quick weekend trip to Dallas for a wedding.

Next up, at the end of April, we headed to Seattle for my birthday. Definitely one of my favorite trips of the year. The weather was perfect, I was in the land of Starbucks, the food was unforgettable, and we went to the most beautiful tulip field that I wish was my backyard. I also managed to cross off another MLB stadium while there, T-Mobile Park where the Seattle Mariners play; yes, I’m a baseball fan!

At the end of June, beginning of July, we went on a family beach trip to Destin with Austin’s family.

End of August, we traveled up to Minnesota to visit Austin’s sister for the week. We visited the Mall of America, lots of cafes, a sunflower field this time, and the Minnesota State Fair, which definitely wins best fair that I’ve been to so far. Oh, the food… We also scratched off Oregon as well when we drove down to visit a friend and pick up my birthday gift.

The weekend before our last trip of the year, we took a day trip to Houston, Texas, to visit the Gymshark pop-up. I got to meet so many of my favorite Gymshark athletes from the States, as well as members of the social media team AND the owner and founder, Ben Francis. It was an long, exciting and surreal day that I’ll never forget.

For the last trip of the year, we went to Boston for the last week of October, first week of November! I had been wanting to visit for YEARS; literally since I was in high school, so about 10-ish years of dreaming. I didn’t have a specific time that I wanted to go; any time of the year would be perfect honestly, but we decided on visiting during the fall to see all the fall leaves – something we don’t get in Louisiana. We also made a birthday trip out of it for Austin. We did a little quick road-tripping through New England, visited a Celtics game, toured Fenway and so many historical sites and charming neighborhoods, and of course, we ate gooooooood. I would move here in a heartbeat. While road-tripping through the gorgeous New England, we managed to scratch off a view more states, like New Hampshire, Vermont and my absolute favorite, Maine.

That’s it for my top highlights of 2019!

But please don’t forget, when you’re viewing the 2019 highlights of others or just viewing their daily posts in general, whether on Instagram or on their blog like this, that this doesn’t mean their life is perfect; they’re called highlights for a reason and we all have these moments of joy – and even moments we don’t care to think about. Just because people choose not to share every single detail negative or not, doesn’t make them any less human. Just a thought as we get this new year started.

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