Welcome to Lift Eat Travel Repeat – or LETR, for short. Starting a blog has been on my mind for quite some time and the time finally feels JUST RIGHT. Surprisingly enough, I tried out blogging a few years ago – which I managed to inconsistently keep going for around 4-5 years. It’s been a bit since those days though and after finally searching within for what exactly it is that I was to share, what I wanted the name to be, and so on, here we are!

A little about me:

•24 years old

•current resident of Louisiana; something I would like to change (hopefully soon 😉) as I was born and raised here

•I love fitness and everything to do with it.

•I love to eat. From healthy food to not-so-healthy food, I treat myself but also believe in a life style of balance. Me and my boyfriend are self-proclaimed foodies-in-crime.

•I love to travel. Who doesn’t? There’s something so exhilarating about exploring a new city – or immersing yourself if different cultures while visiting a foreign country. The more I started traveling, the more I thought I needed to share my experiences and how I plan everything. How I choose to what to do, where to go, what to eat and where to take Insta-worthy pictures at. Yeah, I just said that.

•I like fashion, if that’s what you can call my style. It’s more on the casual, street-style / athleisure side for the majority, but I do like to dress up and get fancy on occasion. Gymshark is my workout brand of choice, so be prepared to see heaps of it. And I might be a little bit of an amateur sneaker head too.

•Addicted to coffee

That pretty much sums it up about myself and some of the things that I’m passionate about that brought about this blog. There’s going to be a bit of everything here, as you might have gathered, from reviews of food and activewear to itineraries for your next vacation, what to do AND what to eat. You want fitness advice? You can find it here too. It’s a lifestyle, fitness and travel blog all in one!

Here’s to 2020! I hope you stick around and like what you read!

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