Marathon Training // Week One

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The first week of marathon training is DONE. Already! The next 17 weeks are going to fly by and I still need to raise a little bit more money for the charity I’m running the Chicago Marathon for….

Here’s the layout of this past weeks training runs.

Monday // Started off the week as a rest day. Weird, but okay.

Tuesday // 3 miles in the ProCompression¬†navy dots. I’m trying not to wear my compression socks too much outside to avoid crazy summer tan lines!

Wednesday // 3 miles

Thursday // 3 miles early in the morning with a nice dip in the pool afterwards

Friday // Rest Day

Saturday // 6 miles for the very first long run of training. I even threw in a flat lay of my running outfit and a snap of the sunset from my run.

Sunday // Cross. Which ultimately means a form of cross-training, whether a short, easy run, biking, or swimming like I intended to do; the weather ruined those plans…

The picture at the very top is my training plan that I’m using for this training session: the Hal Higdeon Novice 1. While this will be my fourth marathon, I don’t consider myself an expert at running them, that’s for sure. My goal is to get under 4:30 and as close to 4:00 as possible. The only thing that sucks is training in this grueling Louisiana heat!

As for my regular lifting workouts, those will continue as usual. I found that my first marathon training session while still lifting went better than my second marathon training session without lifting as frequently. Yes, it certainly increased my appetite regardless, but the first go-round I was crazy lean and that’s what I want to get back to this time around.

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