Gymshark’s Energy Seamless in Taupe

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Little fun fact about me: I am currently doing content creation for Gymshark! AH! I couldn’t be more excited and honored. It truly is a dream come true, you have NO idea.
So as a content creator, I pretty much produce pictures for them of their products in flat lays shown below. I was lucky enough the be sent this new energy seamless set before it releases on Monday, so I snapped a few pictures to send to them for their use while also posting some to my Instagram as well.

This new colorway of the famous energy seamless is taupe and it’s BEAUTIFUL. The color brings out my tan and looks amazing with white shoes. The leggings did come with a built-in liner, but I cut it out due to being able to see it when wearing the leggings; I’m much more used to how the leggings normally come (without the liner), so I felt uncomfortable with it, especially since it could be seen.

I have yet to wear this set to the gym, but I did wear it today because I just couldn’t wait! It fits perfectly, minus my height causing me to roll up the bottom of the leggings but that’s just because I’m short. I’m used to it. These pictures below can also be found here, in today’s other post for my Daily Looks.

This set releases Monday, June 11th at 1 PM CST, along with many other amazing new pieces. Set your alarms and good luck!

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