Daily Look 6.5.18 + First Run of Marathon Training

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Another daily look! I promise there will be loads of those….
On to today’s Gymshark outfit for upper body day and errands!
Top // The oh so cozy towel tee in wash beige. I love wearing this shirt to the gym on my upper body days because it works well as a towel (duh!) and it’s just an all around cozy top to wear whenever, wherever!
Bottoms // Aspire leggings in khaki. These are the most underrated of Gymshark’s leggings in my opinion and I have no idea why! They’re so comfortable, sleek and simple. AND they’re just as flattering.
Sports Bra // Energy Seamless sports bra in khaki. Because you know I have to match! Or now you know…

top // towel tee in washed beige
bottoms // aspire leggings in khaki
sports bra // energy seamless sports bra in khaki

Even though yesterday was the first day of training, it was a rest day; today marked the first official run of this training session and I feel like I crushed it. A little slow, but I have been taking it easy on the running front lately, in preparation for this upcoming training. I am also sporting the navy dots, a recent design by Pro Compression, the compression sock company I am sponsored by for those tuning in. Although I haven’t been wearing the over-the-calf socks much lately on my outdoor runs (to avoid tan lines), I’m absolutely adoring this pair!

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