Daily Look 6.4.18 + Marathon Training Begins

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top // vital seamless cropped long sleeve in teal
leggings // black energy seamless

So what is a “daily look”, you may ask? It’s literally just my look of the day, or my “outfit of the day” (#OOTD), and because I am so in to sharing my activewear style on Insta, I thought why not share it here on the blog. That’s how I use to do it anyway.

I have been wearing activewear so much lately (Gymshark, in particular), that I have kind of forgotten how to wear normal clothes. How sad, I know. On to today’s outfit……

It’s leg day, so squat-proof leggings are a MUST.
I also had a new shirt from Gymshark I hadn’t worn yet, so it was time. The color screams summer but the long sleeves scream “you’re going to sweat to death. don’t go outside.”

It’s also the very first day of my training for the Chicago Marathon. My training plan calls for Monday as a rest day, so here I am, not running on the very first day of training. I’m still going to the gym for my leg workout later though. Needless to say, I am pretty excited — and nervous naturally — for training, but I’m especially excited for my sister and I do be doing this together. Unfortunately, we still have a little bit of money to raise before the big day….

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