Skoshbox Megabox // October 2017

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1. Gogo No Koucha Lemon Tea Cookie
My first thought when I saw these: OMG Royal Tea! Colt’s favorite drink back in Japan was the Royal Milk Tea, so the lady on the package, the Duchess of Bedford, instantly excited me. We loved these; you can never go wrong with lemon cookies.

2. Scone Sour Cream Onion Flavor
These seriously reminded me of sour cream & onion crunchy Cheetos, if such a thing existed. Apparently these are flavored with rich Hokkaido sour cream!

3. Hi-Chew Seasonal Okayama White Peach
Well, these didn’t last long at all… These are a seasonal white peach flavor from Okayama, west of Himeji. Not only do I love Hi-Chews, but I also love Japan’s obsession with peach-flavored things. These strongly remind me of a peach drink I was buying just about everyday that we were in Japan during New Years.

4. Mochitto Purin
Mochi! Super squishy and pudding-filled. I lost the second one, so Colt didn’t get a chance to try…

5. Chisana Bakauke Nori Flavor
Give me anything Nori-flavored please. These were just the right amount of nori seasoning.

6. Happy Nikukyu Gummies Grape Flavor
Seriously such cute gummies; they are shaped like paws! Cat paws, to be more precise.

7. Pretz Sweet Potato Flavor
Woah. This is my first time seeing Sweet Potato Pretz and boy were they potent. Very sweet, but not bad. They’re sprinkled in brown sugar too.

8. Tane Bar Bagna Cauda Flavor & Cashews
On New Year’s Eve, we had dinner at a friend of our friends and they had a similar snack like this, minus the cashews. They called is persimmons? I always thought that was a type of fruit, but I guess there’s another type of persimmon. These things were my absolute favorite though and I nearly ate all of them! As well as this bag here…. Also, it was very strange seeing nuts in a Skoshbox; I had yet to receive any type of nuts since having the subscription, even the first time around.

9. Mitsuya Cider Tablets
Very tart. The description says “refreshing grape-flavored”, but I don’t agree with either of those. It’s hard to taste anything past the tartness. Got to love that Japanese packaging though.

10. Calpis Marshmallow
Now here’s something I’ve had before! Can’t go wrong with marshmallows, especially jelly-filled ones.

11. Pie No Mi Komeda Coffee Shiro-Noir Flavor
We’ve received snacks like this one lately and I haven’t been much of a fan; I’m just not a fan of pastries that much. These are coffee-flavored, so that’s a plus, but they’re still “meh” to me.

12. Pringles Wasabi Mayo Flavor
A full-sized can of Pringles! Now that’s winning. The wasabi flavor wasn’t quite so strong as I was hoping, but that may have to do with the combined mayo flavor. Not bad at all!

13. Ramune Meguri Candies
Hard candies with a fruity, tart middle. All four flavors are absolutely delicious. And they’re so cute too, shaped like mini ramune bottles! Can you spot Mt. Fuji on the packaging?

14. Mochi Mochi Chocola Sweet Potato Flavor
More mochi? That makes two mochi things in one box. Colt was definitely excited about that! The prepackaged mochi has nothing on real mochi and the texture is just to squishy for my liking. Plus, these were sweet potato flavor, not my favorite.

15. Super Cool Bubble Gum
What a super cool, thought out name. It’s bubble gum and you can’t really mess that up, so YUM! But how often do you have yogurt-flavored gum?

Colt thinks this was my best box ever, but I’m still stuck on the collaboration box with Glico; that was my favorite box. There were definitely lots of great items in the this months box, and some not so great. I especially love getting the seasonal stuff, but I wish I would have seen some Halloween-themed items since it’s October. Maybe for the November box?

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