September Favorites // 2017

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  • Skoshbox Treats: Naturally. Below are my top three favorite snacks from this months box. The October box should be here any day now!

  • Enlightened Marshmallow Treats (Original + Double Chocolate): No picture, but I am sure you can just imagine the yummy goodness. This brand also makes a protein ice cream (but I’m a Halo Top kind of girl), but they also make these healthier version of rice crispy treats. 15g of protein in each one; the carbs are high though, but it’s a better alternative for a snack. They are also larger than the original rice crispy treats, but you can kind of taste the healthiness; they don’t taste bad, but the regular rice crispy treats taste better.


  • Starbucks Anniversary Blend: When it comes to coffee, my favorite is just plain, black dark roast coffee. Every year right before fall, Starbucks releases their anniversary blend and it’s literally the start of my favorite time (because not long after, you get fall cups, Thanksgiving blend, red cups, and Christmas blend). I know it sounds weird, but I can tell the differences between different dark roasts and this blend is just SO GOOD!
  • Starbucks Maple Pecan: The newest fall drink of the year. Not too bad! Very sweet though. Chestnut praline, where you at?


  • Ipsy: Just like the Skoskbox, naturally. BUT this months bag was definitely the best. Mascara, face masks, a brow pencil, blush and nail polish. From great brands I’m familiar with too!
  • Colourpop Order: My first Colourpop order! Of many perhaps, because I’m already addicted. Two eyeshadows, two lippie stix, and five ultra matte lips. Woo! Too bad I ordered everything red. 


  • GoPro + 3-Way Tripod: I never win things, but I just so happened to win a GoPro Hero 5. WHAT! So naturally I needed a tripod of sorts, and this one does so much. It’s the coolest toy I’ve ever had.

  • Starbucks Anniversary Thermos: I have to buy an Anniversary mug or thermos every year.
  • Pro Compression Sock of the Month: The shock wave. Although I’m starting to like more of the solid socks, ones that don’t have a lot going on, I did in fact like these enough to get them.

  • Gymshark tops + dreamy leggings: Bought some new pieces from Gymshark, six tops and a pair of leggings (lol). Perhaps a bit too much, but they definitely have me excited for fall.

  • Starbucks Fall Cups: It used to be just the red cups that everyone that frequents Starbucks looks forward to, but now Starbucks does spring cups and fall cups. My favorite of the fall cups this year is the venti; it’s the only one I consider to be fall-colored too.


  • Texas de Brazil: My first time visiting this restaurant and hopefully not my last.  Everything tasted so good, especially that lobster bisque.

  • First Day of Fall: My favorite season! Winter too, because I just love cold weather. But there’s just something about fall that makes you feel so amazing. How did I celebrate? By getting my first fall cup from Starbucks and buying a baby pumpkin. Where is the cooler weather though, Louisiana?

  • National Coffee Day: Probably one of my favorite days of the year because I love coffee that much. I always end up sharing what mugs I’ve added to my collection in the past year; not quite as many this time around.

Book of the Month

  • The Handmaid’s Tale: It’s been a hot minute since I read a book, so I’m glad this one caught my attention; I couldn’t put it down!!
What shall be in store for October…?

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