Ipsy Glambag // September 2017

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1. tarte – deluxe lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara
I definitely needed some new mascara. This tube is so tiny, perfect for sampling or for travel.

Brand: Heard of, but haven’t tried any of their products before.

2. ColourPop Cosmetics – Brow Boss in Light Brown
Finally I can start learning how to reign in my eyebrows and have them looking on fleek. You don’t know just how excited I am. I have some pretty thick brows, that people say look great for being natural (and I take their word because I don’t know any better LOL), but I want to shape them up myself, put a little work in on them!

Brand: Heard of, but haven’t tried any of their products before.

3. Manefit – Beauty Planner Mask (Mugwort, Astringent + Pore Care and Lily, Whitening + Brightening)
Three months in a row of mask; that’s what I’m talking about. The more masks, the better.

Brand: Never heard of.

4. Pixi by Petra – Fresh Face Blush in Beach Rose
Yay for something out of the ordinary. I’m pretty sure I recieved a blush by Pixi WAY back when I was subscribed before, but I haven’t had it in quite some time. Or was it a bronzer? I think that was it…. Anyhow, I used it all and loved it! SO I’m excited about trying out this blush.

Brand: Known

5. P. R. M. I. T. Beauty – GELIusion in September
Hopefully I don’t receive anymore nail polish for the rest of the year…. This one seems pretty cool though. Is it supposed to be mood changing? I don’t know!

Brand: Unknown.

This months bag was pretty on point. Not only did I LOVE the bag itself (because I’m a huge fan of studs), but the contents were pretty great. Keep it up Ipsy!

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