Skoshbox Megabox // September 2017

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Back to the individual pictures. Woohoo! I like you to be to see each item as I review it. Here’s the September box:

1. Mille Feuille Bar
A chocolate-coated vanilla wafer. Out of all the chocolate things in this months box, this one would be my favorite. But still, I much prefer dark chocolate or white chocolate.

2. Karu Edamame: Edamame Flavor
These. Are. Bomb. They’re very similar to Pretz in their appearance (probably a competitor, but not really because these are also made by Glico). Edamame flavor though! It was so strong and delicious.

3. Seibutsu Zukan Sea Creature Gummies
For gummies, these were weak. They very much reminded me of the cute sticky things kids stick on windows for fun. It was cool that they’re a Meiji product though!

4. Hinyari Dango
Dango will always be a favorite. These were super sweet and gone way too fast.

5. Kyo-machi Saryo
Milk candies! Made by Asahi too! The flavors are matcha, strawberry, and roasted soy. YUM! Naturally the matcha flavor was my favorite, but the other two flavors were pretty good as well. I love the packaging!

6. Cheese Kaki No Tane
Soy sauce rice crackers covered in cheese. Not bad, but I gave the rest to Colt since they weren’t an absolute favorite.

7. Horn Orange & Cocoa
Orange and chocolate mixed together. The texture was nice and fluffy, but I’m not the biggest fan of mixing citrus with chocolate. Yet another Meiji product.

8. Puchi Sauce Yakisoba Senbei Crackers
O. M. G. These were practically the same as the shrimp crackers from last month, only these were yakisoba-flavored! They literally taste like Japan.

9. Satsumaimo Caramel
All I’ll say is that you can never go wrong with caramel. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous too, getting me pumped for fall!

10. Fit’s Energy Drink
Disclaimer: NOT a drink, but really just gum. I guess it’s supposed to taste like an energy drink, is what they were going for. I’m certainly not apposed to gum.

11. Koala’s March w/ Yoshimoto Geinin Koala 2
Koala’s March! A familiar snack indeed. This package is Honey Lemon flavor, which I haven’t had, and it was delicious. Maybe they’ll send matcha in the future…?

12. Spice Cheese: Chili Pepper Flavor
Cream cheese-stuff rice crackers, with a chili pepper dusted outside. These are surprisingly good. I keep seeing cheese things in these boxes strangely, but these were actually decent!

13. Ajiwai Puccho Shirokuma
Soft, fruity milk candies, except gummy with chunks of strange things inside. I did not like.

14. Choco An Pan
I also didn’t much care for these mini choclate-filled cookies. I say cookies, but they were nothing like the consistency of cookies, I kid you not.

So. Much. Chocolate. In. This. Box. In my opinion, at least. Wake me up with September ends, will ya? That way October’s box will be here.

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