August was long. Long and hot.
But August favorites! Let’s do this.


  • Skoshbox treats: Well, this isn’t a surprising thing to see listed in this months favorites. Naturally, I’m always excited about Skoshbox every single month. Colt was sweet enough to take the photos for me.
  • Limited Edition Wasabi Doritos: I. Love. Wasabi. Colt saw these in the grocery store and knew that I had to have them. He was right and they were delicious. Surprisingly, they weren’t as strong as wasabi usually is or wasabi chips we had in Japan, but they were still YUM! Unfortunately, they are only here for a limited time 😦
  • Acai Protein Bowl from the Big Squeezy: I finally tried this awesome juice place that was recommended to me. What took me so long?! They even have acai bowls, and this was my first time ever having one. SO good and super filling.


  • Morning Glory from the Big Squeezy: During my first trip here to the Big Squeezy, I purchased an acai bowl, a juice, AND a coffee. This coffee was made with almond “mylk” and honey. Yum. It was just the right amount of sweet for my black coffee-loving soul.
  • Crazy Eight from the Big Squeezy: The juice I tried from the Big Squeezy. The owner let me sample a few of the juices and this one ended up being my favorite (even though I liked them all). My plan is to try them all in the future.
  • Purple Rain Smoothie from the Big Squeezy: Not even a week later, I wanted to show this place to Colt. This time I tried their popular Purple Rain smoothie and wasn’t disappointed; I se why it’s a favorite.
  • La Croix (Grapefruit, Lemon): Yum and yum. I love trying all the different flavors of La Croix. Colt doesn’t understand the excitement; he tried it and was instantly disgusted (lol)
  • Game of Thrones Red Blend Wine: In honor of the season finale of Game of Thrones (sadness), I had a mission to find the Game of Thrones-themed wine to sip on while watching the show. I found it, obviously, and it was actually pretty decent. I’m no wine connoisseur though, by any means.
  • La Crema Russian River Valley: Also while searching for the Game of Thrones wine, I saw this wine that my manager highly recommended. At first, I struggled on which wine to buy and then I settled on both… This one though, oh my god, so good. I’d buy it again in a heartbeat. By the way, it’s not actually from a river valley in Russia…


  • Ipsy: You know it. The only way I get beauty products monthly. I received more eyeliner, eyeshadow, and face masks this month and I am not complaining. Definitely my favorite things from this months bag.


  • Pop! In A Box subscription: Since I am a Pop! Funko (amatuer) collector, I wanted to try out this subscription that randomly sends you a Pop! Funko figure each month. You can select how many you wish to receive per month AND you can make a list of the ones you want, the ones you don’t want, and the ones you’ve already collected. How cool and organized is that?! SO I tried it out and received Moana! So adorable!
  • Pro Compression “Just Peachy” Socks: The color of these socks…. I just love this color so much right now and I’m seeing it EVERYWHERE. New favorite, for sure.

  • Pro Compression Chicago Marathon Socks: Even though I’m not running the Chicago Marathon this year (I have yet to run it), I still had to have these Chicago Marathon-inspired socks. They shall be my motivation to run Chicago one day because you better believe it’s on my list!

  • Forever 21 Activewear: I bought some pretty clutch pieces of activewear from Forever 21 this month and I’m in love. They’re so beautiful and such good quality.


  • Reliving Our First Trip to Japan: Because I love TimeHop and reminiscing. At the beginning of August was the two-year anniversary of our first trip to Japan and I was feeling super nostalgic.
  • Solar Eclipse: How cool was witnessing this?! I was pretty pumped about it, but it didn’t get dark here in Louisiana like it did in the line of totality. Bummer! Such a cool thing to witness, nonetheless.
  • Book Lover’s Day: Because I love me some books.

  • Game of Thrones Season Finale: This is depressing. The season is over and there’s only one more remaining, that we have to wait FOREVER for to release. What an epic season though. What did everyone think of it?
Bring on September!!

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