Mileage Monday // A Solar Eclipse + New Socks

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Monday, August 21 ~ 2 miles @ + leg workout
The day of the total solar eclipse! (hence the way I took my post-run watch pic) It was so awesome to witness a phenomenon like that, even though it didn’t get dark here in Louisiana.

Tuesday, August 22 ~ 3 miles @ 9:08/mi + upper body workout
First run in the Chicago Marathon socks. Although I am not running Chicago (and haven’t ran it), I do plan on running it one day; it’s on my list, and this socks will be worn there.

Wednesday, August 23 ~ REST DAY
Thursday, August 24 ~ 2.03 miles @ 9:46/mi + leg workout

Friday, August 25 ~ 5 miles @ 9:14/mi + upper body workout
#fivemilefriday + #flexfriday

Saturday, August 26 ~ REST DAY
Sunday, August 27 ~ 1 mile @ 10:30/mi
One slow mile, because I’m slower than the internet in the 90’s but I still ran.

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