It feels just like yesterday that I received the July Ipsy bag and now the August one is here….

1. theBalm Cosmetics – theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Eyeshadow in Wilkommen
Eyeshadow = score! Not only do I absolutely love this shade, but the name! It’s German, which I took in college (and I really want to visit Germany in the future). Super excited to wear this shade and play around with blending!

Brand: Never heard of.

2. Seraphine Botanicals – Liquid Coal Waterproof Liquid Liner
First eye shadow, now eyeliner. Two of my favorite things AGAIN. It definitely helps to review, let me just say. I’m loving this eyeliner much more than last months pencil liner because pencil liner smudges so much more on me; felt tips are becoming a fav.

Brand: Never heard of.

3. sundays – Nail Polish in No. 7
You can never go wrong with nail polish, although I haven’t been wearing it as often as I should considering the amount I own…but maybe this will be a reminder to wear it more, especially on my poor, pathetic runner toes. Loving this neutral-esque purple shade.

Brand: Never heard of.

4. Clarria Cosmetics –  Tinted Primer in Toffee
Woohoo! Primer! Where do I even begin with that? Well, since my eyelids are slightly hooded and are generally oily (hello, eyeliner smudges), maybe I can start there.

Brand: Never heard of.

5. Secret Key – Nature Recipe Sheet Mask Duo
YES, MORE FACE MASKS! I love face masks a lot, obviously. They are just so refreshing and leave your face feeling so smooth, clean, and renewed! I wouldn’t mind getting face masks every month, to be honest.

Brand: Never heard of.

This months bag, while I LOVED the Gudetama-themed bag from last month, the products were still just as good. There were more brands that I’m unfamiliar with, but I love trying new things/new brands. I received eyeshadow, eyeliner, and face masks last month too and I definitely don’t mind getting that every single month because I know I will use them!

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