Mileage Monday // First of August

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Finally a Mileage Monday for August! And certainly not the last….

Monday, July 31 ~ 2 miles @ 9:46/mi + leg workout
The last run of July, bringing me to a total of 53.08 miles for the month. I haven’t had a monthly mileage this high in five months. I’m still not training for any races just yet, but I certainly pushed myself a little more on my distance this time around. This “sock of the day” was very fitting for the last run of July, as it was released in July as the “sock of the month”!

Tuesday, August 1 ~ 2 miles @ 10:09/mi + upper body workout
First run of August — and what a crazy time too.
The socks I’m wearing were the “sock of the month” last August, so they’ll be getting lots of spotlight this month.

Wednesday, August 2 ~ REST DAY

Thursday, August 3 ~ 1 mile @ 9:32/mi + leg workout
Nice feeling weather; run, not so much.

Friday, August 4 ~ 5 miles @ 9:06/mi + upper body workout
#FlexFriday + #FiveMileFriday
Once again with “sock of the month” from last August. I love how these Lululemon shorts match the stitching! (I’m really into matching in every way possible)

Saturday, August 5 ~ 1 mile @ 9:06/mi + ab ripper x
Short and sweet Saturday morning run in the Oiselle collab socks.

Sunday, August 6 ~ REST DAY

Monday, August 7 ~ 2 miles @ 9:34/mi + leg workout
#NeverMissAMonday. Even when you stayed up until 1:30 watching Game of Thrones after work + a work meeting.

Tuesday, August 8 ~ 3 miles @ 9:37/mi + upper body workout
Dominating my day off with a run, workout, then a trip to a juice place I had never been to before.

Wednesday, August 9 ~ REST DAY

Thursday, August 10 ~ 2 miles @ 9:05/mi + leg workout
Another post-workout/pre-work run in the books.
Also, not my best gym outfit choice. SO MUCH BLUE.

Friday, August 11 ~ 5 miles @ 8:57/mi + upper body workout
Another #FlexFriday + #FiveMileFriday. Starbucks always makes for a great photo prop AND it wakes me up. Two birds, one stone.

Saturday, August 12 ~ REST DAY
Rest day but still MAIL TIME. Because these “Just Peachy” Pro Compression socks arrived, as well as this months Runner’s World magazine. I’m absolutely in love with this color.

Sunday, August 13 ~ 1 mile @ 9:59/mi
So the socks look a bit different in this lighting the next day, almost a baby-pink/blush-pink color. Well, and my giant calves stretch them out a bit….

No more falling behind schedule!!

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