Skoshbox Megabox // August 2017

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The months seem to be passing by so quickly when you’re waiting for that next Skoshbox delivery…. Here’s what’s up in this months box. (Sorry for no individual pictures. Colt was my photographer while I was at work and I was overly satisfied with the above picture)

1. Umaiwa: Takoyaki
Takoyaki means octopus balls. Seriously. I didn’t try any either trip to Japan, unfortunately, but they are super popular, especially in Osaka. But picture mini Funyuns that taste like takoyaki instead.

2. Premium Umaibo
I love umaibo and wish I would have tried more flavors when we were in Japan. Next time. Umaibo reminds me of a Cheeto puff, although a lot longer and larger in size. This particular umaibo was Japanese-style steak flavored with a slight hint of wasabi. Delicious. Does that still count as eating meat?

3. Mogu-Chew: Grape
Give me all the chewy candy please. Grape-flavor (at least Japan’s grape flavor) is always a winner.

4. Funwari Cake
This one reminded me of a brownie, no lie. I wasn’t fond of it though; you know how I feel about chocolate sometimes.

5. Puchi Ebi Senbei
Mini shrimp crackers. Besides chewy/gummy candy, I love me some salty snacks. These reminded me of the crackers they pass out at communion in churches, only much better. Shrimp-flavored really isn’t so bad, I promise.

6. Hi Chew Mini
Hi Chews are my favorite. Okay, I know what you’re thinking, I have soooo many favorites. You can’t go wrong with Hi Chews though. These resembled little jelly beans. So good.

7. Fran: Strawberry
Very much like Pocky. So much like Pocky that it’s almost plagiarism.

8. Gochi: Blood Orange
I’m never disappointed with the gummy candy Skoshbox sends. Even though I loathe actual blood oranges because they look abnormally creepy, these gummies still tasted great.

9. Happy Turn
Sweet and salty rice crackers.

10. Mini Asparagus Biscuits
Asparagus-infused is what the monthly guide says. Infused? Interesting.

11. Ramune: Mixed Fruit Soda
Tablet candy in a miniature ramune bottle. So cute and sour.

12. Candemina: Super Best
Soda-flavored gummies. The flavor wasn’t terribly strong, kind of weak, but still decent.

13. Pie No Mi
Cheese Cake-filled mini pies. They weren’t bad, but cheesecake isn’t my absolute favorite…

14. Uji Matcha Popcorn
There are hardly words. I couldn’t really taste the caramel and the matcha wasn’t bitter, more on the sweet-side. These were freaking good. I’m going to need more of them in my life.

15. Sparkling Lemon
There reminded me a lot like Lemon Heads, only softer to bite into and with a super tart liquid lemon filling inside the hard shell. Very refreshing.

16. Apollo: Gyutto Koi
We’ve had these before (or at least a similar brand), so I know I’ll be giving these to Colt IF they didn’t melt in transit.

I feel like there was so much more than usual in this months box! Woohoo!

My Top Three Favorites:
Puchi Ebi Senbei
Uji Matcha Popcorn
Gochi: Blood Orange

Is it September yet?

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