• Skoshbox treats: Now that Skoshbox is officially delivering straight from their Japan warehouse, that means more Japan-exclusive snacks! I’m certainly not mad about it. This months box was the first to be delivered from the new warehouse and it arrived the same time as usual, but unfortunately with one melted item. I’m still dreaming about that Glico box from May, but this one was still exceptional.


  • La Croix Sparkling Water: What took me so long to try this drink? They actually taste better than I expected and there are so many flavors to choose from. I have tried Kiwi Watermelon, Lime, Cran-Raspberry, and Peach-Pear so far and I love them all; I can’t wait to try all the other flavors. What’s also awesome about these drinks, besides the flavors, is that they have no calories, no artificial flavors or sugars! What! I can drink how ever many I want.


  • Ipsy x Gudetama: I resubscribed to Ipsy after about two years because I found out they were collaborating with Gudetama, my absolute favorite Sanrio character. Although I was disappointed that the contents of the bag weren’t all Gudetama items, I am still satisfied with everything I received and have put each item to use already! My favorite item: the bag itself because of Gudetama’s booty on the back.


  • Pro Compression 4th of July Sock: A much anticipated sock, as are all holiday socks. These kind of reminded me of rebel flags a little too much, but that could just be because I’m from Louisiana and see them WAY too much. Besides that little detail, I LOVE them, especially because the blue is an actual navy instead of royal blue.

  • Pro Compression Sock of the Month: The Birthday Splash. This months sock was designed in honor of Pro Compression’s NINETH birthday and it is SUCH a fun design, bright and perfect for summer — and future birthdays! 

  • Pro Compression Sherbet Sock: Another sock! This one was certainly a surprise. I fell in love with the subtle, calm colors that totally scream sherbet. 

  • Gymshark Crop Tops + New Releases: I love Gymshark. Too much perhaps. This month I purchased three of their muscle tank crop tops AND three pairs of their newly released leggings (one with a matching sports bra). Can you say problem? But I’m in love with their activewear and it’s fairly cheap compared to other leading brands (cough Lululemon cough). The quality is great and the clothes look great. What’s more to love? I love lifting and lounging in their gear.





  • WWII Museum: Fourth of July weekend, me and Colt spent the day together by going to the World War II museum in New Orleans. It was both of our first time to go and we finally made the time to check it off our list; we live only an hour and a half from New Orleans, so I don’t know what took us so long. It was very emotional and lots of reading, but worth it. Afterwards, we stopped by my favorite Affogato bar: Drip, for dessert before lunch at Middendorf’s on our way homeward. It was the perfect day exploring together.
  • July 4th: Always a fun holiday. I love eating hot dogs and watermelon and just being off work, which this holiday ended up giving me a three-day weekend. Heaven.
  • Game of Thrones: Our favorite series started back up this month on the 17th after far too long. Naturally, we are pretty darn excited.
  • National Ice Cream Day: Now who doesn’t like ice cream? I celebrated this silly food holiday with a pint of Halo Top. There are other things I love more than ice cream, like macarons, but ice cream is still high up, especially if it’s Halo Top, green tea, coffee-flavored, or sherbet.
  • Finishing Star Wars: After quite some years — my whole life really –, I finally can save I’ve watched Star Wars and I love it. Officially obsessed and part of the fan club. What took me so long?

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