Mileage Monday // Too Many Rest Days

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I don’t like taking too many rest days, and over the past two weeks there has been far too many for my liking! But listening to your body is important. My rest days are always Wednesday’s every week, now that I’m not training for anything, but I had a couple unplanned days of rest spring up.

Monday, July 17 ~ 1 mile @ 10:52/mi
“two pair don’t care” July edition

Tuesday, July 18 ~ 2.30 miles @ 9:30/mi

Wednesday, July 19 ~ REST DAY

Thursday, July 20 ~ 4 miles @ 9:22/mi

Friday, July 21 ~ 3 miles @ 9:44/mi
In the newest Pro Compression socks, called the Sherbet. Aren’t they lovely? I love the color combo.

Saturday, July 22 ~ 6 miles @ 9:05/mi

Sunday, July 23 ~ REST DAY

Monday, July 24 ~ 2 miles @ 12:35/mi

Tuesday, July 25 ~ 1 mile (garmin died)

Wednesday, July 26 ~ REST DAY 

Thursday, July 27 ~ 2 miles @ 9:11/mi
The Sherbet socks really matches my new Lululemon shorts…. Not planned at all.

Friday, July 28 ~ REST DAY

Saturday, July 29 ~ REST DAY

Sunday, July 30 ~ 3 miles @ 13:47/mi
A leisurely run/walk with Colt around the LSU Lakes before stopping at Magpie for breakfast and coffee and a visit to the Asian market.

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