Skoshbox Megabox // July 2017

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July is here and so is this months Skoshbox. Since Tokyo Otaku Mode has taken over Skoshbox, there have obviously been some changes; this month marks a big change, the first boxes sent from Japan worldwide. I guess they are no longer using their warehouses here in America…? Any how, the boxes themselves have changed in appearance and size, and now there will be even more exclusive Japanese items and seasonal snacks arriving to our door.

So let’s get started with the contents of this months box….

1. Cubie: Stawberry Choco
These unfortunately arrived melted! Downside of coming all the way from Japan during the summer, no less. So we weren’t able to properly try these.

2. Avocadooza
No where in the description does this chip say wasabi, but upon eating it, I tasted way more wasabi than avocado. Freaking delicious and highly unexpected.

3. Cororo: Grape
Words can not express my love for gummy candy and these seriously looked JUST. like. grapes. So refreshing.

4. Puchi: Agemaru
Bugle-tasting rice crackers again. Definitely not complaining, because Colt and me love these.

5. Niginigi Osushi
This snack is a nigiri-style sushi gummy kit. Very tiny but such a cute concept.

6. Black Black Candy
Cooling candy? Turns out these are some intense mints. Not bad, but I definitely should have waited to try these last.

7. Dagashi Pack
What an awesome assortment of snacks! Fried katsu jerky, apple mochi, yakiniku strip, fruity soda gum, and mashuro (?). My favorite was by far the katsu jerky. I have never had yakiniku, so I didn’t know what exactly to expect on this one but it was good despite the stickiness. The apple mochi was  small but a cute little treat and mashuro was literally just a marshmallow.

8. Pringles: Mayo-Cheese
Pringles! I love Pringles! What an interesting flavor though, mayo-cheese. They still tasted delicious, but reminded me just a tad of mustard!

9. Poiful
Jelly bean gummy candy that reminded me strongly of Easter.

10. Bake: Cheese Brulee
Colt’s favorite. Very savory, cheese brulee bites, but too sweet and savory for me.

11. Country Maam: Matcha Cookies
OMG. We absolutely loved these matcha cookies. Very chewy and very rich. My kind of matcha.

12. Doritos Royal: Beef + Pepper
Woah, Doritos. Now we’re talking. That’s yet another familiar item that we have here in the States (minus these wacky flavors). Seasoned steak would be a great description of how these tasted. Not too bad!

13. Banana Choco
I’m personally not a banana fan, not to mention chocolate… Colt loved these though! So glad I have him to take the things I don’t care for.

14. Fettuccine Gummy: Peach
My love for peach endures. Peach is very popular in the summertime in Japan, reminding me of the peach frappucino I had two summers ago from a Starbucks there. The best gummies ever.

Well, that’s it for the July box. I can’t wait to see what the August box has in store, especially now that everything comes from the Japan warehouse now! Maybe some KitKat’s in the future…?

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