It’s been a busy month, adjusting to my new job and working a lot more than I already was, but I still managed to scrap up a few favorites to share with you this month.


  • Skoshbox treats: Not as exciting as last months box, but this months box still had some yummy goodies. My personal favorites were the Tangerine Gummies and the Matcha Crackers.
  • Red Velvet Power Crunch bar: One of my favorite protein bars released a red velvet flavor and boy was I pumped when I found them in the store; I had no idea it had been released! The taste wasn’t quite as good as I was hoping but they didn’t disappoint.
  • Halo Top flavors: I tried some new flavors of this delicious, protein-packed ice cream this month. Pistachio, S’mores, and Vanilla Bean.

  • Starbucks Green Tea Lemonade: Anything green tea, I have to try, so when I learned about this drink, I HAD to go get myself one. Lemonade is also something I quite enjoy, so this mixture was bomb, in my opinion.

  • Neutrogena Moisturizer: I don’t that many beauty products, but it was about time I purchased a moisturizer for my combination skin; sometimes my face just gets too dry or too oily and this stuff is coming quite in handy for the scorching, summer months after spending my days off in the sun. I do not want my face peeling!
  • Jergen’s Tanning Lotion: I might have had to resort to self-tanning lotion to help fix my compression-sock tan lines until I can get myself beside the pool. But waiting for a day off that is actually sunny, is few and far between, so this is helping me speed up the process in the meantime. I can live with my shorts tan-line, but not socks!

  • Pro Compression June Sock of the Month: As always, the sock of the month is usually high-up on my list of anticipation. The colors in this months sock just screen summer.

  • Pro Compression + Oiselle sock: Another exciting sock for this month! Pro Compression and Oiselle collaborated to make this sock together and I am so in love. I don’t have enough white socks and I absolutely adore the signature Oiselle bird detail on the back. This was actually my first ever Oiselle item too.

  • Gymshark leggings: How could I pass up Gymshark leggings? They sale out so quickly, but I managed to snag two pairs I had been drooling over and now I can’t stop wearing them. They fit like a gloves and they’re great quality too. 

  • Global Running Day: Every June! And of course, as a runner, I couldn’t pass up participating; it’s without a doubt every runner’s favorite holiday — besides Patriots Day.
  • Harry Potter 20: The other day (June 26th) marked 20 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released. HOW has it already been so long? Naturally, I was only two when it was published and didn’t start reading it until I in middle school, but still! 20 years of magic started on that day.

June’s Top Three

What I’m Looking Forward to in July

  • Game of Thrones (Season 7)
  • Pro Compression July Sock of the Month
  • Pro Compression Fourth of July sock 
  • Ipsy bag (collab w/ Gudetama)
  • Skoshbox

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