Mileage Monday // May 29 – June 4

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Hello June. A new month for running and for sweaty, sticky runs. I prefer cooler temps for sure. Here’s what happened this past week.

Monday ~ 2 miles @ 9:55/mi + leg workout
Memorial Day + the start of the Runner’s World Run Streak. Thank goodness I have the stars & stripes sock for patriotic occasions. Day One // #RWRunStreak.

Tuesday ~ 1 mile + upper body workout
Sporting new socks from the Pro Compression Grab Bag. Remind me why I had never purchased this color? It’s beautiful and GREEN; I love green. Rainy day wasn’t stopping me from my run and these socks kept things bright and cheery. Day Two // #RWRunStreak

Wednesday ~ 1 mile @ 9:10/mi
Not a “rest day” this week! Did a lot of adulting this day with my cars AC, so my run was much needed. Also the last run of May, bringing me to a small total of 36.85 miles. Day Three // #RWRunStreak

Thursday ~ 1 mile @ 10:50/mi
More rainy runs, this time in the older Boston socks. Day Four // #RWRunStreak

Friday ~ 1 mile @ 9:34/mi
My Garmin was dying which helped speed things up just a tad… Day Five // #RWRunStreak

Saturday ~ 1 mile @ 10:56/mi
The Boston socks go good with my Tokyo Marathon Saucony’s, if I do say so myself. Day Six // #RWRunStreak

Sunday ~ 4 miles @ 10:00/mi
Took my run to the LSU Lakes for a lovely four miler under the sun, which I haven’t seen in days because we’ve had so much raining. My Oiselle socks (they collaborated with Pro Compression) arrived last night, so I had to wear them immediately. Then, of course, post-run coffee. Day Seven // #RWRunStreak

Memorial Day was Monday and that mean’t the beginning of the Runner’s World Summer Run Streak that last until July 4th. 37 Days of Awesome. I have always sucked at keeping my streak going, but I am even more determined to actually last the whole 37 days this time. No more excuses! So Wednesday will no longer be “rest day” for the next month.

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