Skoshbox Megabox // June 2017

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Seriously, this is my favorite time of the month; I always look forward to coming home to my Skoshbox and trying all the goodies they have in store for me. Although last months box was by far my favorite Skoshbox I have received as of yet, this months box was still awesome; it’s hard for me not to like anything they send me. So what’s in this months box, you ask?

1. Everyburger
These were chocolate bookies in hamburger form that I missed out on because my boyfriend ate all of them!! He picked my box up from the apartment office while I was at work and taste-tested all the goodies without me.

2. Gelee Puree Tangerine
A familiar item! I’ve had this brand of gummies before and this flavor doesn’t disappoint; I love trying all the flavors of items I recognize! These were very refreshing, perfect for the approaching summer weather.

3. Choco Chips
Okay, so these were delicious, naturally, but we have items like this here in the States. It’s cool to know that Japan loves chocolate chip cookies too though.

4. Kotsubu Ka-ru
The packaging for this item makes it look like you’re about to eat an off-colored macaroni, but it’s only the shape of these broth-flavored chips (!) that may have you thinking that. They reminded me a lot like Cheetos but soup-flavored instead. Pretty good.

5. Alfort: Hokkaido Azuki
Another familiar item! So a couple months ago, Skoshbox sent me the matcha Alforts — just in time, as I had just ran out of the stash I brought back from Japan, the land of green tea. I remember seeing other flavors in the convenience stores, but not RED BEAN. As skeptical as I am on red bean-flavored snacks, I tried them and loved them. It really depends on the consistency of red bean I guess. It was so cool getting to try one of my favorite Japanese snacks in a different flavor.

6. Bonchi Senbei
These deep-fried rice crackers taste exactly like Bugles!!! AHH so good!

7. Bake: Raspberry Choco
No. No. And no. These were like a miniature Fig Newton with raspberry-filling, but nope, I couldn’t eat them. The one thing in this box that I absolutely did not like!

8. Pupukupuku Taiyaki
Well, that was an interesting name to pronounce…. We received a similar item last year when I had the subscription before, except it was Doremon-shaped instead of taiyaki. Very crispy outer, with a delicious chocolatey center.

9. Harvest Crackers
Green tea crackers? Yes, please. No surprise that I loved these. What I really liked about these crackers was not only the matcha flavor, but that you could taste sweetness from the matcha and the saltiness that makes up the cracker. Perfect combo.

10. Caramel Corn: Cheesecake
LOVE me some Caramel Corn — another familiar brand. We’ve had a few different flavors of the savory puffed corn, thanks to Skoshbox — Milk Cocoa and Caramel were some previously tried flavors. This time was a rare Japanese cheesecake flavor and YUM. Seriously tastes just like cheesecake.

Like I said, last months box was my favorite box ever and will be pretty hard to beat. Everything in this months box was great (except you, Fig Newton-like Baked Raspberry chocolates). Can’t wait to see what comes in next month!

P.S. Colt tooks the pictures this time since I was at work…

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