Time for those favorites from May!


  • Skoshbox treats: This months Skoshbox was the best yet; they teamed up with Glico and delivered only Glico treats. Seriously, there wasn’t a single disappointing item inside. My favorites were pretty much everything, but I absolutely LOVED the Grape Pocky.

  • Optimum Nutrition Protein Cake Bites (Red Velvet and Birthday Cake): Finally found these two flavors and I am so glad I did. They were both equally delicious, but I definitely recommend heating them up just a tad to make them even better!


  • Believe Logbook: It was about time I ordered this since I was just about done with my Training journal. This logbook is different from the training journal in many ways; it’s smaller with more of a simple set up.

  • Runner’s World Magazine: Always looking forward to this monthly read. This months cover highlighted the three incredibly talented and super fast runners that tackled the “Breaking 2” challenge. What a memorable night of history being made. Even though the sub-2-hour marathon goal wasn’t reached, it was still pretty dang close! A new barrier has been set!
  • Pro Compression May Sock of the Month: This months sock is the Vertex and it’s so beautiful. I fell instantly in love with that blue and black color combo.
  • Pro Compression Heather Slate socks: Talk about grey love. I don’t there is a single Pro Compression sock that I own with grey in it, until this solid heather grey slate pair. Like I needed another pair but these were too gorgeous and different to pass up.

  • Japan Chatbooks: I finally found a way that I wanted to make some of my Japan photos tangible, by using Chatbooks. They can take whatever photos you select off of your Instagram or Facebook and turn them in to books you can keep forever. A much easier way to show people the highlights of our two Japan trips without having them look through the multitude of photos on my Facebook!


  • Judo Party: At the end of every semester, the judo class at the university Colt and I went to, throws a party after the final. It’s always something we look forward to, especially because it means shabu-shabu (hot pot) is for dinner.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: It’s been six years since the last Pirates movie, too long of a wait if you ask me! And hopefully there will be another, made in less time of course. I spent a lot of the month waiting in excitement for the release and finally had the chance to see it this past Monday (Memorial Day). IT WAS SO GOOD. And the end scene gave me all the feels; I may have cried just a little, it was just the perfect ending. I grew up watching Pirates, so this series has a special place in my heart. So happy about the new movie that I already want to go see it again.
  • Runner’s World Summer Run Streak: 37 Days of Awesome, as they say… I am super excited to participate in another “run streak”, but I am hoping I can last the whole 37 days this time. I made too many excuses in the past! The streak started Memorial Day and lasts until July 4th.

Book of the Month

  • War and Peace: Currently reading, that is. And I really haven’t made much progress…… Snooze fest.

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