Mileage Monday // May 15 – May 28

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Monday ~ 1 mile @ 10:12/mi + leg workout
Well, this doesn’t count as part of my goal to run at least twenty minutes/higher than a 5k. But #nevermissamonday. My legs were heavy after my leg workout and I almost wanted to skip, but decided to get it done before work, and a good thing too because I started feeling sick the rest of the evening. Boo. Although, we did manage to get a photo-shoot in before I got to feeling bad!

Tuesday ~ REST
Wednesday ~ REST
Thursday ~ REST
Friday ~ REST
These four days consisted of me having some type of stomach bug. Not fun.

Saturday ~ 1 mile @ 10:46/mi
Finally a day I felt decent enough to get back out there and run. Rockin’ the new heather slate colorway socks from ProCompression; they’re beauties. My days are never really complete until I go for a run, so it was very nice to be able to get a run in.

Sunday ~ 1 mile @ 10:24/mi
I wasn’t keen on running in the rain, so I managed to squeeze in a mile before the storm started up again.

Monday ~ 4 miles @ 11:28/mi + leg workout
Run date followed by coffee with Maril. That mixture always makes a rainy Monday better.

Tuesday ~ 1 mile @ 10:25/mi + upper body workout

Wednesday ~ REST DAY
Thursday ~ 3.01 miles @ 9:43/mi + leg workout
Holy moly this run was HOT. Summer isn’t even officially here yet…

Friday ~ REST
Unfortunately couldn’t get myself out of bed, so I missed out on my time to run and workout before I had to be at work. I was beating myself up about it all day.

Saturday ~ 1 mile @ 9:58/mi

Sunday ~ 1 mile @ 9:47/mi
New poppin’ pink socks from my “grab bag”!

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