Mileage Monday // May 8-May 14

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Monday ~ 2.2 miles @ 9:11/mi + leg workout
Monday, another day to be killing it.

Tuesday ~ 2.2 miles @ 9:15/mi + upper body workout
Got the May “Sock of the Month” in the mail (and my new Believe Logbook not too long ago). Tested out the new socks as soon as possible! Does this pool match these socks?

Wednesday ~ REST DAY
Thursday ~ 2 miles @ 11:02/mi + leg day
Thursday #runmatchy vibes in the newest kicks. Blue may be my new favorite color…

Friday ~ EXTRA REST DAY + upper body day
Saturday ~ 1 mile @ 9:53/mi
…right after black that is. I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color. I just love an all-black look.

Sunday ~ 2 miles @ IDK what pace because my Garmin died
Sunday Runday miles and a dead Garmin too.

Weekly Total: 9.4 miles

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