Mileage Monday // First Week of May

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Monday ~ 2 miles @ 9:21/mi + leg workout
First run of May, bright and early. Getting out of bed and moving early on a Monday is exactly how I like to start my week.

Tuesday ~ 1 mile @ 8:58/mi + upper body workout
My legs were SO sore that I decided to give them a break on the mileage (not like my mileage is crazy anyways; I just wanted to get a run in instead of skipping completely). Crushing on all this green.

Wednesday ~ REST DAY
Thursday ~ 2 miles @ 10:02/mi
It rained so much Wednesday and Thursday that I was splashing through LOTS of puddles on my run. Why did I decide it was a good idea to wear white socks? It was also National Orange Juice Day, so I treated myself to some of it’s refreshing goodness post-run.

Friday ~ 1 mile @ 8:59/mi
“The grass is green where you water it.”

Saturday ~ 1 mile @ 9:34/mi
I stayed up until 1 a.m. Friday night watching Breaking 2 LIVE, which left me feeling so inspired for my morning run that I decided to match Kipchoge’s racing tank. These guys are so inspiring and incredible athletes. History was made even if the barrier wasn’t broken.

Sunday ~ 3 miles @ 9:13.mi
Longest run of the week (lol), and in the “Gibbler’s”. Changed into my “Sunday Runday” t-shirt afterwards because this shirt is only acceptable on Sunday’s.

Weekly Total: 10 miles

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