Skoshbox Megabox // May 2017

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The May Skoshbox has arrived! And this month they teamed up with Glico, a famous Japanese company that makes LOTS of different snacks. This months box was full of only Glico products and it didn’t disappoint at all, because they’re my favorite.

1. Pocky Squeeze Grape
Now, I’m not sure where the “squeeze” comes in, but these were an absolute favorite. They’re made with 70% grape juice! Seriously wasn’t expecting them to taste so fruity, but I loved it. It was almost like eating a grape Hi-Chew in Pocky form.

2. Almond Peak Crisp Peak
Chocolate covered almonds. Unfortunately, I am not a nuts mixed with chocolate fan.

3. Caplico Mini Ice Cream Cones
The description for these little sweet treats said they taste “like the real deal”, as in they last just like ice cream and the description wasn’t lying. Gone so quick! My favorite was vanilla.

4. Pretz: Cultured Butter
Pretz are super popular, so this was a familiar Glico snack minus the flavor. They were really good despite the image of eating a stick of butter, these tasting more like a buttered bread stick. Now I want Olive Garden.

5. Pocky: Double Rich Matcha
You know how I feel about matcha. Obviously these were a hit.

6. Pretz: Salad
Now this flavor of Pretz I am familiar with and I love it. Such a delicious, quick and light snack.

7. Bisco Sandwich
Literally a creamy cookie, with a slight hint of lemon.

8. Pocky Midi: Ichigo Cheesecake
Ichigo means strawberry, so strawberry cheesecake Pocky! These were so amazing, although I do prefer the grape best. Would purchase again, for sure.

9. Pocky Trinity: Orange Peel
Okay, I know what you are thinking: GROSS. Actually, they were really good and they mixture of chocolate with orange is a surprisingly refreshing combo. I’m not sure where the “Trinity” comes in.

10. Cream Collon: Milk
Definitely had this type of snack before, but not in this deliciously creamy milk flavor. So yum!

So many of these items I would definitely purchase again, either over the internet or when I next visit Japan. Why do they have such good treats?! My favorite box so far.

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