Mileage Monday // Goodbye April

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Since I didn’t post a mileage post last Monday, I’m just going to make this weeks post two weeks worth of content for April 17-April 30!

Monday ~ 1 mile @ 9:44/mi + leg workout
The day of the Boston Marathon! Perhaps one of the greatest days of the year, in my opinion, as I wasn’t even running it! One day hopefully. I sported a “two pair don’t care” Boston edition on my run in honor of the day + shared my Crescent City Classic medal for “medal Monday”.

Tuesday ~ 1 miles @ 10:13/mi + upper body workout
Now, I’m not that fast, but I wouldn’t mind the food and the compliment. Honestly, I just love the style/cut of this shirt. Muscle tanks are my favorite! Actually ran this run on the treadmill. Am I actually starting to love it?!

Wednesday ~ REST DAY
Thursday ~ Food poisoning
Friday ~ Food poisoning
Saturday ~ 1 mile @ 12:05/mi
Back to running after the food poisoning. Had to take it especially easy; I really was just tired of sitting around, so I had to try to get a run in! Much needed.

Sunday ~ 1 mile @ 9:31/mi
A short Sunday Runday run, followed by breakfast and latte with my love. My favorite kind of Sundays. Garmin also died on me.

Very low mileage week, thanks to food poisoning. Ugh.

Monday ~ 2 miles @ 9:47/mi + leg workout
Last run as a 21 year old. My total miles while 21 = 734.62 !!!

Tuesday ~ 2.2 miles @ 10:02/mi + upper body workout
First run at the age of 22, hence the mileage. And I am literally obsessed with my birthday present from Colt: the Tokyo Marathon Saucony Kinvara 8’s. Tokyo Marathon is high up on my list, mostly due to my love for Japan, so when I saw these and that they had Mt. Fuji on them, I had to have them. We got engaged in front of Mt. Fuji after all.

Wednesday ~ REST DAY
Thursday ~ 2 miles @ 9:38/mi
Wasn’t as motivated this day, but got out anyway.

Friday ~ 1 mile @ 9:45/mi + upper body workout
Treadmill mile again. Sometimes it’s nice just being inside an air-conditioned room for my run!

Saturday ~ 1 mile @ 9:34/mi
Saturday run squad goals.

Sunday ~ 1 mile @ 10:21/mi
Squeezed in the last mile of April as soon as the rain calmed down on this not so sunny Sunday Runday.

April Mileage: 42.42 miles (interesting ending number!)

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